Froiland Research Fund

Froiland Research Fund

The goal of research is to test ideas and answer questions. Here at Augustana, it also provides hands-on learning experiences and preparation for AU students' chosen professions.

In the past, Augustana has been blessed with abundant grant support that funded the undergraduate research experience. The University’s Natural Science Division has been supported through agencies such as the National Science Foundation (NSF), NASA, the Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network (BRIN), the Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR), the Sanford Program for Undergraduate Research (SPUR), the Avera Institute for Human Genetics and more.

However, funding from these sources is never guaranteed. The Natural Science Division has a long-term goal of establishing a source of sustainable research funding to grow research activities, regardless of grant funding. The Froiland Research Fund was established to continue to provide transformational opportunities for Augustana students. The Froiland Research Fund will be used to support student stipends, research supplies, research equipment and travel to attend scientific meetings. The ultimate goal is to endow this fund to ensure a robust and dynamic research agenda for the future.

Providing research opportunities is key to science education at AU. Students are challenged to reach their goals so that no matter what they decide to do after Augustana, they have the skills set to be successful. By participating in undergraduate research, Augustana students have strong communication skills, the ability to think critically and to work independently, all of which are important regardless of career choice. Maintaining these opportunities is critical to Augustana's future in offering the best possible undergraduate science education in this region.

How You Can Participate: