Student Research and Creativity Symposium

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The Student Research and Creativity Symposium was held on Wednesday, Sept. 13, in the Mikkelson Auditorium of the Froiland Science Complex and throughout its halls.

Presentations showcased student work from departments across campus. This event was free and open to the public.


3-4:30 p.m. Humanities and Social Science Presentations — Mikkelson Auditorium of the Froiland Science Complex

3-4:30 p.m. Natural Science Poster Presentations and Art Displays — halls of the Froiland Science Complex

Student Presentations

Join us for the following 10-minute sessions moderated by Dr. Leigh Vicens and Dr. Casey Trainor. Each presentation will be followed by a brief question-and-answer session.

  • 2017 Sioux Falls Outdoor Playing Field Gap Analysis
    Meredith Lawrence ‘17
    , Business Administration (Prior Lake, Minnesota) and Aric Spader M.A. ‘17, Sports Administration and Leadership (Sioux Falls)
    Abstract: Sport marketing students explored the gap between playing fields currently available to Sioux Falls area residents and facilities needed to serve future residents and their interests. Student teams reached out to the community to gather input from local residents, along with city partners, to assess planning and budgeting and projected playing field needs for future park system facilities.
  • An examination of jazz as patriotic music during World War II
    Robert Miller ‘18
    , Music Education/History Education (Sioux Falls)
    Abstract: The development of  jazz in the early 20th century is a uniquely American musical form. Jazz also reflected America’s own internal social struggles and evolved to become the nation's patriotic musical expression  during World War II.
  • Prayer Experience Moderates Relationship Between Private Prayer and Rumination
    Abbie Sell ‘18
    , Psychology and English (Brookings, South Dakota)
    Abstract: Rumination, which has been linked to mental disorders, may be reduced through having prayer experiences. A multiple linear regression was employed to analyze how prayer experiences affect the relationship between prayer and rumination. Prayer experiences moderated the relationship between prayer and rumination, in three out of four types of prayer.
  • Harry Potter and the Post-9/11 Condition
    Shi Almont ‘18
    , English/Journalism (Renner, South Dakota)
    Abstract: The Harry Potter series conveys themes related to contemporary issues and audiences, the most prevalent being its overarching narrative paralleling the sociopolitical anxieties, fears, and struggles that followed the Sept. 11, 2001, attack on the World Trade Center. By studying the relationship between pop culture and reality evident in the Potter books and films, audiences can both work through the fears and anxieties evoked by modern terrorism and recognize the responses to terrorism that are often harmful to society.
  • Storytelling as an Art Form: Discovering the Visuals of a Script
    Alex Meyer ‘18
    , Art and Theatre (Sioux Falls)
    Abstract: The theatre is a place of exploration. Its artists must be willing to work with ideas and practices that are new and challenging. These individuals are writers, designers, craftspeople, and performers, all of whom are interested in telling stories together. The design process for the premiere of When the World Was Wild and Waste showcased the talents of many individuals, maximizing collaboration and making for a performance whose influence reached far beyond the stage.
  • Readings from the Venture, Augustana’s literary magazine
    Jacob Dickmann
    , English (Brandon, South Dakota), Olivia Verdick ‘19, English (Woodbury, Minnesota) and Jessica Ruf '19, English/Journalism (Sioux Falls)

Student Art

Art by students will be displayed in the Froiland lobbies.

Research posters from Natural Science Division

Student research posters will be displayed on the walls on the first floor west wall representing the following majors: Biology, Biochemistry, Metallurgical Engineering, Physics, Medical Lab Science, Chemistry, Physics/Biochemistry, Chemistry/Engineering, Biochemistry/Sign Language Interpreting, Physics/Biology, Computer Programming, Chemistry/Spanish, Chemistry/Anthropology, Biology/Business Administration, Biology/Athletic Training, Biochemistry/Sociology, Biology/Psychology, Biology/Government, Biology/Secondary Education and Biochemistry/French.