AU Secure Wireless Setup

Secure wireless access is available to students and staff with an AU username and password. Limited access is also available to guests of the university.

On-campus - If you are on campus, set up your computers, phones or tablets by joining the AU Onboarding wireless network, following the specific instructions for your device in the list below, and selecting the AU Secure wireless access option in the onboarding site.

Off-campus - Your computer, tablet (iOS/Android), and phone can be pre-configured off campus.  So that when you arrive to campus, the device will automatically join to the AU Secure wireless network. Follow this AU Onboarding link to begin your set up. Then use the instructions below for your specific devices.

BYOD devices - To set up all other consumer electronics and media devices such as Smart TVs, gaming consoles, Blu-Ray, Roku, Apple TV etc, follow the instructions below for BYOD devices. From your computer, go to the AU Onboarding page and choose BYOD Registration. You will need to provide the MAC address for the wireless network adapter from the device.

Details for specific Operating Systems and devices:

Apple macOS - computers and laptops

Apple iOs - iPhones & iPads:

Apple iOS (Current Version 12.2 and above)

Apple iOS (Older Versions 12.1 and below)

Microsoft Windows 10 - computers and laptops

Android - tablets & phones

BYOD: Register wifi/network enabled consumer electronics.