Johanna Gronewold — Family Nurse Practitioner

Johanna Gronewold

Johanna Gronewold, Covenant Award for Christian Faith Recipient, 2008-09 Academic Year

Johanna Gronewold '09, originally from Madelia, Minnesota, was a nursing major at Augustana. She received the Covenant Award for Christian Faith for the 2008-09 academic year. 

Q. Tell us about your journey after graduating from Augustana  your career path (what are you doing now), family, education (graduate school), travel, etc.

A.  Currently, I work as a family nurse practitioner. I worked as an registered nurse for seven years after college and then went back to school for my master’s degree. I continue to live in Sioux Falls and take every opportunity to travel and spend as much time as possible with my two nieces. I especially like to travel anywhere that there is a place to hike. The greatest reward of my current role is getting to help people improve their health every single day. I also love to talk to my patients and get to know them so that I can best meet their health care needs.

Q. What were you involved in that prepared you for the present and future?

A. I was involved in the Viking Days planning committee. This prepared me for leadership roles both in college and now in my nursing career. I also worked at the Elmen Center which prepared me for commitment to an employer, dedication to my coworkers, and practice in leadership skills.

Q. Best Augie memory?

A. My best Augie memory was being Viking Days co-chair with my then-roommate. We were seniors in nursing school and were in charge of making sure all of the events of Vikings Days went smoothly.  It was the most fun and chaotic week of my college career. We barely slept at all, but had the time of our lives being fully immersed in the Augie community. My fellow co-chair and I are still great friends!

Q. If you could offer an Augustana student some advice, what would you say?

A. Take every opportunity that you can to travel while you're in college. Augustana provides so many opportunities to leave the comfort of your university dorm room, take them up on it!

Q. A foundation for life at Augustana begins with our five core values  Christian Faith, Liberal Arts, Excellence, Community and Service. How did your time at Augustana help to ensure those values remain central in your life?

A. Augustana provides an environment that is both nurturing and challenging. The five core values give a foundation to build your life in any way you choose and as I've moved along my path in life, I have found that the foundation has remained stable even as the course takes many directions.