Faculty Videos from the Past

Conversations with Emeriti

Hear in their own words from professors and an administrator/instructor as they tell of their experiences at Augustana beginning in the 1930's through the 1980's.

In 1988, retired faculty members were asked by Dr. Sven Froiland, Professor Emeritus of Biology, to sit in front of a camera and reminisce about the part they played at the College. He called the oral history project, “Conversations with Emeriti,” believing that, at some time in the future, there would be an interested audience to view them. In preparing for the Sesquicentennial by documenting the history of the College through important events and images, we became aware of this treasure trove of history that was captured through Dr. Froiland’s foresight. Dr. Froiland was at Augustana from 1946 until 1988 and in his own right, earned the distinction as a wonderful colleague, outstanding professor and leader who was central in the development of Gilbert Science Center and in establishing the College's outstanding reputation in the natural sciences.

Some of these interviews were condensed into smaller segments that are more conducive to online viewing. Hear and see Dr. Arie Gaalswyk, Professor Emeritus of Math; Emeriti Professors Clara and J. Earl Lee; Administrator Milton Harvey; Professor Emeritus of Art, Dr. Palmer Eide; and Professor Emeritus of Nursing, Margaret Cashman and legendary coach, Lefty Olson.


  Dr. Arie Gaalswyk 
  Professor Emeritus of Math









  J. Earl Lee and Clara Lee
  Professors Emeritus
  of Music and Speech
  J. Earl: 1931-1992 
  Clara:  1952-1989

  Milton Harvey










  Dr. Palmer Eide
  Professor Emeritus of Art









  Margaret Cashman
  Professor Emeritus
  of Nursing

  Leonard "Lefty" Olson
  Professor Emeritus of HPER
  and Coach