Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is our new name?

A. As of Sept. 1, 2015, we are Augustana University. Much of our signage across campus will change on Sept. 1 and you can expect to see a gradual replacement of our former name and logo on signs, letterhead and supplies moving forward.

Q. Why change the name?

A. The name Augustana University better reflects our growing number of programs and centers for undergraduate and graduate students, recognizes the physical growth happening on campus, and captures our goals for the future.

This decision came following a vote by the Augustana Board of Trustees after nearly two years of strategic planning. As we analyzed our own research, reviewed information from faculty and staff, alumni, students, parents, donors and community members, and studied economic and industry trends, it became obvious that in order to serve the needs of today’s students and meet the demands of a workforce hungry for entrepreneurial and thoughtful professionals, we needed to invest in change, in growth, in our ability to serve others, and in the campus we call home.

The name change to Augustana University is an illustration of that investment – an effort to complement Augustana’s 155-year-old mission to provide an education of enduring worth with programs and initiatives designed to serve the needs of 21st century students and the world we share.

Q. Is Augustana changing its mission?

A. Our mission is not changing – it is expanding to provide even more students – undergraduates, graduates and life-long learners – with an education of enduring worth that challenges the intellect, fosters integrity and integrates faith with learning and service in a diverse world.

Q. Will “university” change Augustana’s identity?

A. Short answer: No. The term “university” enhances our already-strong identity as a rigorous, expansive and dynamic institution of higher education. Our values are not changing. Students will still enter to learn and leave to serve.

Q. Will the new name change the culture here?

A. Augustana has long been characterized by students and alumni as “caring, supportive and warm.” That characterization is not due to our name. It’s due to our people. Our faculty, staff and students are what make Augustana a caring, supportive and warm place. The people of Augustana University will remain committed to supporting Augie’s heritage of care and to ensuring the connections we all hold so dear.

Q. Will Augustana continue to use its five core values as its guiding compass?

A. Yes, our five core values – Christian, Liberal Arts, Excellence, Community and Service will remain in place and will continue to infuse the academic curriculum as well as student life. We believe these core values are as vital to graduate studies as they are to the undergraduate experience.

Q. How will this impact students?

A. We’ve invested in our programming and offerings all for the benefit of the students we serve.

The name change to Augustana University is an illustration of that investment – an effort to complement our mission with programs and initiatives designed to serve the needs of 21st century students.

We’re taking the Augustana experience to the next level – inspiring undergraduate and graduate students from around the world, serving the needs of a changing society and a growing city, and producing graduates who not only have the skills necessary to build meaningful careers, but who can live lives of purpose and service.

This change allows our name to match who we are and where we’re going.

Students will benefit from recent and upcoming enhancements related to these actions, including:

  • New academic programs and centers, including:
    • Enhanced undergraduate program offerings, including:
      • The addition of new undergraduate majors designed to meet the needs of today’s changing society.
      • Enhancements to our core curriculum, including an innovative First Year Experience initiative for freshmen.
      • Strong support for undergraduate research among all majors – from scientific and biomedical exploration to social, entrepreneurial and political discoveries. 
      • New undergraduate athletic programs, beginning with intercollegiate women's swimming, which will begin competition in Fall 2016.
      • The new Student Success Center, a central place for career and academic support services — a hub for educational and vocational engagement. Here, we offer social and academic support; access to experiential learning opportunities, including internships, volunteerism & service learning; and help for students and alumni seeking employment, including resume-building support, interview preparation and networking opportunities.
    • Increased graduate program offerings, beginning with new programs in genetic counseling and professional accountancy. These join our existing graduate programs in education and sports administration & leadership.
    • The recently announced Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, an initiative designed to build strategic partnerships with industry leaders, business heads and curators of creativity. The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship will develop collaborations to enhance Augustana’s experiential learning opportunities for students and strengthen connections to the growing and changing needs of the city’s business community.
  • New Facilities, including:
    • Under construction now: The Froiland Science Complex, Augustana’s new 125,000-square-foot science facility. Phase one will open in December 2015.
    • Future plans: As we plan our next fundraising campaign, we’ve outlined enhanced campus life, enriched teaching and learning, and additional scholarships for students as key priorities. Preliminary plans call for:
      • A new 125,000-square-foot Student Activities Center  to be located on the corner of Grange Avenue and 33rd Street across from the Elmen Center. This new facility will feature an eight-lane, 200-meter indoor competition track, practice areas for multiple sports, an expanded fitness center, academic spaces and a retail center. 
      • Additional plans call for:
        • A renovation of Kresge Recital Hall and other music spaces inside the Humanities Center
        • An extensive renovation and expansion of Morrison Commons
        • A new apartment complex for students
  • Interaction with a broader audience: The term “university” speaks of breadth of learning for both undergraduate and graduate students with an emphasis on cutting edge research and leadership. As we interpret our work at home and abroad, this is descriptive both of the breadth and depth of Augustana’s efforts today, and of the direction charted for us by our strategic plan. By changing “college” to “university,” we eliminate confusion and automatically convey that we offer both undergraduate and graduate degree programs, paving the way for increased interest from students in the U.S. and around the globe and allowing us to engage even more students in the Augie experience.

Q. What will enrollment be like at Augustana this fall?

A. Total enrollment is currently approximately 1,840 students. Our official census day is in mid-September.

Q. What's happening with graduate enrollment?

A. Our graduate student enrollment has grown significantly, increasing by approximately 500% over the last five years. We anticipate this growth will continue as we introduce new graduate and continuing education programs, such as new master's degree programs in genetic counseling and public accountancy, which we anticipate launching in Fall 2016.

Q. How will this name change impact alumni?

A. As we surveyed alumni in relation to our strategic planning process and in regard to our branding and advertising initiatives, it became clear that Augie graduates have an immense amount of pride in their alma mater. They want to see it succeed. They want future generations of students to experience what they experienced.

We anticipate that our alumni will be in full support of not only the name change, but also of the many investments we’re making to better serve students in a changing society – all of which will indeed position Augustana for a long and healthy future.

Q. Will the web address and/or our email addresses change?

A. No, will remain our website address and email addresses will not change. In addition, our social media handles will remain the same.

Q.  Can I still wear clothing with the Augustana College logo?

A. We hope you’ll embrace the name Augustana University and the many AU-branded items available in the Augustana Bookstore, located inside Morrison Commons or online at

Q. I have an Augustana College “AC” decal on my license plate. Where can I obtain an AU decal as a replacement?

A. AU license plate decals are available through our website.

Q. Will our colors and mascot remain the same?

A. Yes, our school colors will remain navy and gold and our mascot will remain the Viking.

Q. I’m an Augustana College graduate. Should I list “college” or “university” on my resume and job applications?

A.  You can list whichever name you feel most comfortable with. We will be known as Augustana University moving forward, but we are still very proud of our past and what we accomplished as Augustana College. We suggest one of the following: Augustana University (formerly Augustana College), or Augustana College (now Augustana University).

Q. As an Augustana College graduate, I'd like Facebook to still reflect "College" rather than "University" within my education area of my profile.

A. Within Facebook, go to your About page listed below your Facebook photo and, in the education section for college, hover over Augustana College and click the Options drop-down, selecting Delete. Then click "Add a College," where you can type in the college name of Augustana College. At the bottom of the pop-up box with possible options, you'll see the line "Create Augustana College" and select that. You'll then be able to type the city location, the years attended, etc. and save. You will have the option to "share this as a post on News Feed," and then possibly use the Options drop-down edit button if any of the information still needs tweaking. Note that the avatar image (and link) for the school will reflect the new image and link destination, but the label will reflect "College," as you wish.

Q. How does this name change affect my Augustana transcript?

A. Transcripts will be adjusted to reflect the name change.

Starting Sept. 1, a notice will accompany all transcripts that says: "As of September 1, 2015, our name changed from Augustana College to Augustana University.” Once new transcript paper arrives, it will reflect Augustana University with a notation on the back that the name changed on September 1, 2015, from Augustana College to Augustana University.