The Sesquicentennial was another good reason for alumni and friends of the college to socialize, both in person and online! 

Augustana's social media network is robust and growing by the day. We invite you to connect with the college and your classmates on one of the Augustana profile pages! Our 150th celebration was marked in our conversations with the #AC150 tag ... check out this stream of comments and our current stream, re-tweet your favorite events, and use the College's tag to add your own two cents to the conversation.

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Looking for something to share on your own Facebook page or Twitter account about the celebration?  Look for fun facts, trivia questions, and photos on these pages!


AC150: Sesquicentennial Lists

150 Books to Read in your Lifetime  (As recommended by the faculty and staff at Augustana.)


Augustana Trivia:  Did you know?

Augustana's history is rich with interesting and unique details.  Here are just a few fun facts.


Augustana: Then and Now: A Photo Album

A then-and-now photo combo features an old black-and-white picture side-by-side with a color photo from more modern days. 

[view:album==then and now]