Gender Studies

The interdisciplinary minor in Gender Studies provides students with knowledge and understanding of gender as it relates to contemporary life and to their broad learning experience in the liberal arts. The minor will enrich study in all other disciplines.

Gender Studies Minor:

18 Credit Hours
GENS 115 — Introduction to Gender Studies (3 cr)
GENS 260 — Sociology of Gender (3 cr)
GENS 390 — Research Seminar (1-2 cr)

Gender studies elective courses from the following: 10 cr
*COMM 210 — Rhetorical Criticism
*ENGL 200 — The Literary Experience: A Genre Approach
GENS 140 — Human Sexuality
HIST 345 — Ireland North and South
RELI 242 — Feminist/Womanist Thought
Other courses as offered carrying the Gender Studies designation.
*Must be the Gender Studies designated section.

Gender Studies Course:

GENS 115 — Introduction to Gender Studies (Area 1.2) (3 credits)
A multi-disciplinary introduction to the study of gender. The course will examine theories and issues generated by the women’s movement and will allow students to clarify the impact of transforming gender roles in their own lives. Offered Spring Semester, Even Years.

GENS 140 — Human Sexuality (Area 1.2) (3 credits)
A study of human sexuality from physical, psychological, social and ethical perspectives. The course will examine topics such as biological and physiological functioning, gender identity, and the history of changing attitudes towards human sexual interaction. Students will also participate in discussion of the various ethical decisions confronting them as sexual beings. Offered Occasionally.

GENS 235 — Gender, Work and Family (Area 3.3) (3 credits)
Although Americans tend to think of gender, work and family only in terms of private experience, these actually constitute three distinct but closely interconnected social systems which have profound impact on the life experiences of everyone. The course will examine the historical connections among these social institutions as well as the changes that have occurred and are occurring. Cross listed with SOCI 235; Offered Occasionally.

GENS 260 — Sociology of Gender (3 credits)
Examines the various ways in which gender is a basic component of social organization in contemporary and traditional societies and the ways in which the aspect of society is currently undergoing change. Cross-Listed with SOCI 260; Offered Spring Semester, Odd Years.

GENS 345 — Ireland North and South: From Revolutionary Era To Troubled Times: 1798-1998 (3 credits)
This course examines the political, social and cultural history of modern Ireland. It begins with the 1798 Revolution which must be contextualized with late eighteenth century revolutions, including the American and French. We will move through the nineteenth century which is characterized by the worst famine in recorded history and ultimately culminate with Europe’s most deadly guerilla war. Throughout we will pay special attention to the role of gender in Irish history. Cross-Listed with HIST 345; Offered Every Other Fall Semester.

GENS 390 — Research Seminar (1-2 credits)
This course is designed to offer junior and senior students in the minor the opportunity for intensive study of a research question in connection with their major. Students may choose to enroll in a concurrent upper-level research seminar or advanced independent study in their departmental major.

GENS 197, 297, 397 — Topics in Gender Studies (1-4 credits)

GENS 199, 299, 399 — Independent Study (1-4 credits)