Northern Plains Studies

Coordinator: M. Mullin

Envisioned as a minor, not a stand-alone major, the goal of a Northern Plains program is to enhance currently offered programs, entice foreign students to Augustana, and, where possible, to utilize the resources of the Center for Western Studies. Using the pedagogy of regional studies, and focusing its attention on the Northern Plains, students in this program explore the complex communities—both human and non-human—who inhabit(ed) the region. Students completing a Northern Plains Minor will not only be able to articulate what makes the Northern Plains unique, but use the tools they have learned for evaluating the Northern Plains region for examining other regions around the world.

Northern Plains Studies Minor:

18-19 credit hours
Required Course: 3 credit hours
NPST 202 — South Dakota and the World (3 cr)

Elective courses: 15 credit hours
ANTH 270 — Introduction to Archaeology (3 cr)
ANTH 271 — Cultural Anthropology (3 cr)
BIOL 180 — Environmental Science (3 cr)
ENGL 340 — Seminar in Non-Western Literature: Native American Authors (3 cr)
HIST 303 — History of the American West (3 cr)
NAST 320 — Native American Social Systems (3 cr)
NAST 352 — History of the Lakota/Dakota (3 cr)
NPST — Northern Plains Studies Electives

Recommended Courses:
HIST 120 — American History to 1877 (3 cr)
HIST 121 — American History since 1877 (3 cr)

Northern Plains Studies Course:

NPST 202 — South Dakota and the World (3 credits)
Using South Dakota to explore Deitrich Bonhoeffer's argument that “action be ‘in accordance with reality’” this course explored how South Dakotans past shapes their relationship with the world today. Divided into 3 distinct, yet inter-related sections, this course invites students to rethink how the look at the place many call home. Even if not from South Dakota, students will leave with a new understanding of the community that they come from. Offered Occasionally.