Occupational Therapy

Pre-Professional Program

Coordinator: M. Larson

Occupational therapy is a health profession that uses a variety of rehabilitative, educational, social and vocational activities to help individuals in adapting or improving performance in areas of work, school, independent living or play. Services are provided to people of all ages whose lives have been disrupted by illness, injury, developmental problems, social or psychological dysfunction or the aging process. The goal is to aid people in attaining their maximum functioning potential.

An excellent pre-professional program is available which prepares the student for subsequent professional education. One option students have is to take a two or three year pre-professional program at Augustana followed by transfer to another college/university with a Bachelor’s level professional Occupational Therapy program. Alternatively, the student may complete a Bachelor of Arts degree at Augustana and then apply for admission to an occupational therapy program at either a Baccalaureate or Master’s level. Occupational Therapy program requirements vary, therefore students should consult the appropriate catalogues for the requirements of the particular schools they are interested in attending. Certification as an occupational therapist is based upon graduation from an approved occupational therapy program and acceptable performance on the American Occupational Therapy examination. Appropriate majors for students desiring a career in Occupational Therapy include Biology, Nursing, Psychology, Special Education, or an Interdepartmental major consisting of a combination of two or three of these areas.

Pre-Occupational Therapy Program of Study:
These are general admission requirements. Students should refer to specific admissions guidelines for each Occupational Therapy school and consult with their academic advisor and the Coordinator.
BIOL 120 — Biological Principles I (4 cr)
BIOL 121 — Biological Principles II (4 cr)
BIOL 150 — Human Anatomy (4 cr)
BIOL 366 — Advanced Human Physiology (4 cr)
  -or- BIOL 225 — Human Physiology (4 cr)
ENGL 110 — First-Year Composition (4 cr)
PSYC 115 — General Psychology (3 cr)
PSYC 210 — Life-Span Human Development (3 cr)
PSYC 232 — Abnormal Psychology (3 cr)

Additional requirements include other introductory science courses, humanities courses and other courses that vary from program to program.

A student planning a career in occupational therapy working with children with special needs may choose to enroll in classes focusing on special education. Course could include, but not be limited to SPED 120, SPED 236, SPED 257 and SPED 280.