Veterinary Medicine

Pre-Professional Program

Coordinator: J. Gubbels

Most pre-veterinary students choose to major in Biology, but a student may choose to major in any discipline. While veterinary schools look favorably upon an undergraduate record rich in challenging science courses, they also look for a balance between science courses and courses in the humanities and social sciences. Veterinary schools expect that applicants have an understanding of and commitment to the profession, which goes beyond a love of animals. Students are encouraged to learn about veterinary medicine through internships, volunteer experiences and employment.

The admission requirements vary considerably among veterinary schools. A student interested in a career in veterinary medicine should identify the veterinary schools in which he or she is interested as early as possible. Pre-veterinary students should consult with their advisors and the coordinator on a regular basis to discuss course selection and application procedures.

Veterinary schools select students on the basis of: 1) undergraduate academic performance; 2) GRE (Graduate Record Exam) score; 3) letters of evaluation from professors and other professional people; and 4) a personal interview. Admission to veterinary school is competitive.

Suggested Pre-Veterinary Program of Study:
These are general admission requirements. Students should refer to specific admissions guidelines for each school, and consult with their academic advisor and the Coordinator.
BIOL 120 — Biological Principles I (4 cr)
BIOL 121 — Biological Principles II (4 cr)
BIOL 233 — Genetics (4 cr)
BIOL 344 — Microbiology (4 cr)
BIOL 354 — Biological Chemistry (4 cr)
CHEM 116 & CHEM 117 — General Chemistry I & II (8 cr)
-or- CHEM 120 — Accelerated General Chemistry (4 cr)
CHEM 201 — Organic Chemistry (4 cr)
CHEM 202 — Organic Chemistry and Introductory Biochemistry (4 cr)
CHEM 222 — Inorganic Chemistry (4 cr)
PHYS 201 & PHYS 202 — Physics for Life Sciences I  & II (8 cr)
–or– PHYS 221 & PHYS 222 — General Physics I & II
MATH 150 — Pre-Calculus (4 cr)
–or– MATH 151 — Calculus I
Social Science courses (6-9 cr)
Humanities courses (6-9 cr)