Art at Augustana

At Augustana, you can study your passion and earn up to 60 credit hours of your undergraduate credts studying art in our beautiful, state-of-the-art facility. You can pursue a wide variety of disciplines — sculpture, painting, ceramics, drawing, design, graphic design, art history, printmaking, pre-architecture and art education. You will also have the opportunity to go abroad to India, create stained glass in Germany, paint in Peru during Interim, or visit the great museums of Europe or New York on a spring break course. You can study philosophy, languages, history, the sciences or music alongside your studio courses. 

We are a community of involved artists at Augustana and you are very important to us. We will get to know you well when you come study with us. We will empower you with an essential foundation in design and give you the tools to build a successful creative career in art. We will provoke your imagination and help you in your search to understand and discover yourself and the world around you through art. We will engage you in discussions that matter to you and nurture the profound questions that define and connect us.

Our recent graduates are employed in a range of creative fields, becoming artists, creative directors, animators, printmakers, sculptors, architects, freelance, creatives, graphic designers, technologists, professors, teachers, photographers, while others go on to graduate studies to pursue a Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) and Masters of Architecture (M.Arch.) programs across the United States, and more!

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