Archive of Student Presentations 2012

Oral Presentations

Heidi Allard & Morgan Avery " Scaffolding Reading Leads to Higher Vocabulary Acquisition" (Dr. Olivia Lima, Psychology)

Adam Bockelman "Justice, Freedom, and the Fall of the Roman Republic" (Dr. Rocki Wentzel, Classics)

Michael Baedke "Herbert Hoover & The Great War: 20th Century Evolution in America" (Dr. Margaret Preston, History)

Erika Dahl "Nuclear Localization of the α1B-Adrenergic Receptor Subtype is Required for Hypertrophic Signaling in Cardiac Myocytes" (Dr. Tim O'Connell, off-campus mentor)

Jared Drenkow "Synthesis and Characterization of Novel 2,3,4,5- tetraarylsilacyclopentadienes" (Dr. Barry Eichler, Chemistry)

Keanna Casanova-Dyce "7 Jennifer Shouse- Klassen Marcus Edgington Exploring the Quantum Dynamics of a Multi- Particle System" (Dr. Bijoy Dey, Chemistry)

Michelle Erhardt "Jump on the Name Train: Using the Testing Effect to Learn Names" (Dr. Elizabeth Babcock, Psychology)

Evan Gardner "Synthesis and Characterization of Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Siloles for Cytotoxicity Studies" (Dr. Barry Eichler, Chemistry)

Sarah Hanson "Balancing Power: Masculine and Feminine Authority in Spenser’s The Faerie Queene" (Dr. Mitchell Harris, English)

Bailey Jackson "Soluble Luminescent 2,3,4,5-Tetraarylsiloles Synthesis and Characterization for Use in OLED Devices" (Dr. Barry Eichler, Chemistry)

Kai Jacobson & Nic Sveiven "Investigation of Methylcarbonate/Acid Reaction as a Function of pKa" (Dr. Duane E. Weisshaar & Dr. Gary Earl, Chemistry)

Sarah Jamison & Erika Arens "HPLC Method to Monitor Methylcarbonate/Acid Reaction Progress" (Dr. Duane E. Weisshaar, Chemistry)

Jamie Kingma "Teen Pregnancy in the United States: Current Trends and Lasting Effects" (Dr. Mary Isaacson, Nursing)

Margaret Koenig "Refining Religious Conversation through Screens" (Dr. Ann Pederson, Religion)

Margaret Koenig “Treating Cultures, Not Patients: How cultural competency obscures the real problems of health disparities and justice in medicine” (Dr. Stephen Minister, Philosophy)

Cody Lensing "Neuroenhancing Drugs: Being all that you can be" (Dr. Stephen Minister, Philosophy)

Cody Lensing "Sulforaphane Regulation of Cellular Redox and Growth" (Dr. Peter Vitiello, off-campus mentor)

Austin R. Letcher & Mathew E. Amundson "Synthesis of 1-Butyl-3- Methylimidazolium Derivatives" (Dr. Duane E. Weisshaar, Chemistry)

Kristen Luepke & Seth Adrian "Attachment of a Fluorescent Dye to Core- Shell Quantum Dots" (Dr. Barry Eichler, Chemistry)

Luke Lynass "Understanding the concerns of NGO intervention, foreign aid, and ministry involvement in Haiti" (Dr. Lindsay Twa, Art)

Taylor McCance & Maxine Melber "Effect of expanding retrieval on name learning: Comparing older and younger adults" (Dr. Elizabeth Babcock, Psychology)

Lauren Marks "Care for the Dying: The Need for Change in Palliative Care Education for Undergraduate Nursing Education" (Dr. Mary Isaacson, Nursing)

Karissa Pepin & Melanie Jerke "Religious Priming and Ego-Depletion: Do people exhibit better self-control when they have God on their minds?" (Dr. Anne Zell, Psychology)

Margaret Olson "The Girl Who Was On Fire: The Unique Heroine of Katniss Everydeen" (Dr. Jane Farnsworth)

Meredith Reynolds "Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain: un conte de fée contemporain" (Dr. Scott Fish, Modern Foreign Language)

Hannah Rogers "Water Masers of IRAS 16342-3814, a Water Fountain Pre-Planetary Nebula" (Dr. Drew Alton, Physics)

Calie Roggatz "The North American Free Trade Agreement and its Effect on U.S.- Mexico Relations" (Dr. Sam Ogdie, Modern Foreign Language)

Kate Schleusener "The Space Between: The Gothic, Zombies, and The Walking Dead" (Dr. Darcie Rives-East, English)

Michael Seeley "The Weight of Change: Meritocracy and Nepotism within Napoleonic Europe" (Dr. Margaret Preston, History)

Michael Seeley "Political Youth: A Global Review" (Dr. Margaret Preston, History)

Karise Stillson "La revolución tecnológica y los movimientos sociales de Chile: una investigación de la Revolución de los Pingüinos de 2006 y la Movilización Estudiantil de 2011" (Dr. Pilar Cabrera, Modern Foreign Language & Dr. Michael Nitz, Communications)

David Swanson "Nanotechnology and Carbon Nanomaterials" (Dr. Duane E Weisshaar, Chemistry)

Thad Titze "Reforming the United Nations Security Council: Reconciling Imbalance with Political Realities" (Dr. Margaret Preston, History)

Derek True "Assisted Study with DynamicQuiz" (Dr. Elizabeth Babcock, Psychology)

Nathan Truex "Fast Marching Algorithm for Reaction Dynamics: A New Perspective for Monte Carlo Sampling and Reaction Paths" (Dr. Bijoy Dey, Chemistry)

Kayla Vastenhout "Synthesis and RPHPLC Monitored Hydrolysis of Nonnatural Glucosinolates" (Dr. Jared Mays, Chemistry)

Leslie Walker & Molly Martin "Vocabulary Acquisition Through Storybook Readings: Relationship Between Behavior and Vocabulary Gains" (Dr. Olivia Lima, Psychology)

Rebekah Walker "An Imaginary Nation: Identity, Narration, and History in Salman Rushdie's Midnight’s Children" (Simon Ferrell, English)

Katharine Warden "Bonhoeffer? …Naturally!" (Dr. Jenny Gubbels, Biology)

Emily Weber "Estimating the HOMOLUMO Gaps of Siloles by Cyclic Voltammetry" (Dr. Barry Eichler and Dr. Duane Weisshaar, Chemistry)

Hannah Weise "Sonnets from the Portuguese and Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Exercise in Self-Discovery" (Dr. Mitchell Harris, English)

Poster Presentations

Audrey Burkart Dust Chain Perturbation Using Powered Zyvex S100 (Dr. Lorin Matthews, Dr. Truell Hyde, and Brandon Harris, off-campus mentors)

Coral Hanson Quantum Dynamics of a Morse Oscillator in Real and Imaginary Time (Dr. Bijoy Dey, Chemistry)

Christina Johnson & Jackie Miles Characterization of Immunomodulatory Effects Between SUSD2 and Galectin-1 Protein Expression in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer (Dr. Jenny Gubbels, Biology)

Joe Keppen Synthesis of 3-pyridylmethyl glucosinolate from 3-pyridylacetonitrile (Dr. Jared Mays, Chemistry)

Courtney Moore & Ashley Schmidt Male acoustic advertisement patterns and female mate choice in the lek-mating prairie mole cricket (Gryllotalpa Claire Bestul, Brooke Woelber, major Saussure) (Dr. Dan Howard, Biology)

Rebecca Schiffer & Courtney MooreVibrational signaling in the New Zealand Cook Strait giant weta (Deinacrida rugosa) (Dr. Dan Howard, Biology)

Ashley Schmidt, Claire Bestul Christina Johnson, & Courtney Moore The effect of wind-turbine induced vibration on the reproductive behavior of the endangered American burying beetle (Nicrophorus americanus) (Dr. Dan Howard, Biology)

Marni Shoemaker Glycemic Control in DM1 Adolescents: Moderate-Intensity Exercise in Hot and Cool Environments (Hannah Nelson, MS, RD, LN, off-campus mentor)

Elle Tornberg Synthesis and Evaluation of Novel Isothiocyanates (Dr. Jared Mays, Chemistry)

Ashley Weber Molecular Characterization of the Interactions of Galectin-1 and SUSD2 in Breast Cancer (Dr. Kristi Egland, off-campus mentor)

Matthew Wussow Determination of the quark content of scalar mesons through hydrodynamical flow at RHIC. (Dr. Nathan Grau, Physics)

Erika Zetterlund A Simulations Comparison for the DarkSide Dark Matter Detector (Dr. Drew Alton, Physics)