Craig N. Spencer


Dr. Craig Spencer

Biology Department

Augustana College
2001 S Summit Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD  57197
Phone: 605.274.4716
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Ph.D., M.S., Michigan State University

B.A., Colby College, Waterville, Maine


Professor Spencer spends every summer conducting research at the Flathead Lake Biological Station in Montana. Students have an opportunity to get involved with this research in Montana.


Brent Loken

Brent Loken (Augustana student) collecting samples from Flathead Lake, Montana.


Ongoing research projects include:

1. Effects of Timber Harvest on Water Quality in Lakes and Streams in NW Montana. We are studying the impact of past and present logging activities by analyzing data collected from lake sediment cores. Using various techniques in the field of paleolimnology, we are evaluating the impacts of past land-use activities which are often well-preserved in the historical record contained in the lake sediments.

2. Impacts of Wildfire on Streams In Glacier National Park, Montana. We are involved in a long-term study of a number of streams located in watersheds burned by a large wildfire in 1988. The study, which began in 1988 during the fire, includes research on the effects of fire on water chemistry, and stream biota, including fish, invertebrates, and the plant community.


Kristin Odney

Kristin Odney (Augie student) sorting aquatic insects from a fire-impacted stream in Glacier National Park.


3. Impacts of Exotic Species Introductions on Aquatic Ecosystems. Accidental and purposeful introductions of a wide variety of non-native species have had profound impacts of the food webs of many lake ecosystems. In this research, we are studying the impacts of some of these introductions in NW. Montana.


Journal photo

Journal photo from our article, showing bald eagles perched in a tree along McDonald Creek in Glacier National Park.



Craig Spencer and assistant

Craig Spencer and assistant collecting fish from Anaconda Creek in Glacier National Park.


Selected Publications (Augustana students in italics)

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Presentations at Scientific Meetings (Augustana students in italics)

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