Explore the in-demand profession of chemistry through hands-on learning and mentorship from expert professors.

Are you ready to be an ambassador for science? Would you like to learn how to be a problem-solving leader? Are you a hard worker?

The Department of Chemistry at Augustana is thorough and rigorous enough to provide the comprehensive foundation you’ll need whether you plan to continue on in graduate school or enter a career in medicine, dentistry, medical technology, industry, secondary education, or other related fields. We offer two tracks for a major:

  • Chemistry — Includes 38 credit hours.
  • ACS Chemistry — Includes 60 credit hours, and those who complete these requirements are certified to the American Chemical Society.

As a chemistry major, you will be involved with your professors’ research activities from the very beginning, and our highly skilled faculty members will guide you through a program of study that is designed particularly for you.


Achieve a broad background in the natural sciences that prepares you for a variety of post-graduation options, including research positions, graduate studies, professional health disciplines, biotechnology, chemical industry, and other professions with the addition of a biochemistry emphasis to your chemistry degree.

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