First Year Seminar

Ethics: What? Why? How? — AU Professor of philosophy Stephen Minister presented a lecture on ethics to first year students emphasizing what ethics means, why we should be ethical and how we do ethics.

Augustana’s First Year Seminar (FYS) is a two-semester program that serves to orient you to academics and campus life at AU. In addition to its collection of innovative courses, FYS also enables you to connect with professors, your fellow students, and campus resources, such as the Student Success Center.

Each course is designed to help you develop the critical thinking, communication and ethical reasoning skills you’ll need for your Augustana academic career, and to engage difficult questions throughout your life.

FYS Spring 2018 Course Titles

  • The Physicist's War (1939-1945) (A)
  • WTF, English? (B)
  • All the World, Staged (C)
  • Medicine, Literature, and the Ethics of Empathy (D,W)
  • Crimes, Cops, and Culprits (E)
  • Human Rights in Latin America (F)
  • The Grand Endeavor of Making and Taking Drugs (G)
  • Aloha ‘Oe (H)
  • Feast or Famine: A Foodie’s Guide to the Politics of Hunger and Consumption (I)
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: A Literary Exploration of Character (J, X)
  • Generations in the Workplace (K)
  • Education: Grading Our Schools (L)
  • Waking India: Gandhi and the Struggle for Independence (M)
  • Media Activism (N)
  • Cinema, Character, and Culture (O)
  • The Ethics of Organized Sport (P)
  • This Ain’t Your Gramma’s Norway (Q)
  • Baseball Ethics or “Would Kant Cork His Bat?” (R)
  • Global Poverty (S)
  • Matters of Life and Death (T)
  • How to Begin to Solve Wicked Problems in Environmental Ethics and Policy (U)
  • The Power of Different: Beyond Diagnosis, Classification, and Labels (V)

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