Student teaching in model classroom

In the Education Department, your campus classroom experiences are hands-on. You’ll engage in field experiences from the very beginning of your classes here, working as tutors, mentors, and classroom assistants. By the time you are officially student teaching in your senior year, your relationship with the faculty is more “a collegial relationship.” Our program boasts 100 percent placement in classrooms for all program graduates who choose to continue in the education field.

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Majors in the Education Department

The Education Department at Augustana College combines Western educational thought with the wisdom of the indigenous Native American culture of the region. Our philosophy of education is based on the Circle of Courage, which is reflected in each of our majors. Link to one of our majors to get a quick snapshot:

Endorsements and minors:

  • Kindergarten Endorsement
  • Middle School Endorsement
  • K-12 ENL Minor (English as a New Language) & Endorsement
  • Special Education Minor
  • Sign Language Studies Minor
  • Reading Minor

Grant Opportunities: