Candidates are required to take the PRAXIS II Subject/Content Exam(s) for all program areas being completed and the PRAXIS II Principles of Learning and Teaching/PLT Exam that best matches their preparation area PRIOR to beginning the student teaching experience. Candidates will not be allowed to begin the student teaching experience until their scores have been received by the Education Department.  The Administrative Rules of South Dakota (ARSD) have mandated licensure exams for the state of SD.   See Which Tests Do I Have to Take? for details!

You must register online unless you are applying for testing accommodations. Visit the ETS website for Registration Information. Be sure that you put Augustana College (SD) down as one of your score recipients: AUGUSTANA COLLEGE (code=6015) so the Education Department has access to your score reports. If you test in South Dakota, your score report will be sent automatically to the South Dakota Department of Education. If you test outside of South Dakota, select the South Dakota Department of Education (code=8112) as a score recipient when you register.  Take care to download a copy of your scores as once your scores are no longer available to you via your ETS account, you will have to pay a fee to receive a hard copy of your scores.


Available ETS Study Guides have been purchased and are on reserve in the Mikkelsen Library and may be checked out for individual use. SD DOE Praxis Information is available from the ETS website as well. You can also check the ETS Website for test preparation materials.  Click HERE for up-to-date SD PRAXIS testing requirements


  • K-8 ELED: Content Knowledge: Test #5018, Cut Score=157
  • K-12 Art: Content Knowledge: Test #5134, Cut Score=151
  • K-12 Music: Content Knowledge: Test #5113, Cut Score=150
  • K-12 SPED: Core Knowledge & Application: Test #5354, Cut Score=145
  • K-12 French: World Language: Test #5174, Cut Score=152
  • K-12 German: World Language: Test #5183, Cut Score=154
  • K-12 Spanish: World Language: Test #5195, Cut Score=160
  • K-12 Comprehensive School Health:  Test #5551, Cut Score=145
  • 7-12 Eng/Lang/Lit/Comp: Content Knowledge: Test #5038, Cut Score=167
  • 7-12 Speech Communication: Test #5221, Cut Score=143
  • 7-12 Mathematics: Content Knowledge: Test #5161, Cut Score=160
  • 7-12 Physical Education: Content Knowledge: Test #5091, Cut Score=140
  • 7-12 Biology: Content Knowledge: Test #5235, Cut Score=147
  • 7-12 Chemistry: Content Knowledge: Test #5245, Cut Score=135
  • 7-12 Physics: Content Knowledge: Test #5265, Cut Score=130
  • 7-12 Government/Political Science: Test #5931, Cut Score=149
  • 7-12 World and U.S. History: Content Knowledge: Test #5941, Cut Score=135
  • Principles of Learning and Teaching Grades K-6: Test #5622, Cut Score=160
  • Principles of Learning and Teaching Grades 7-12: Test #5624, Cut Score=157

NOTE: Since September 2010, the Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations is the sole means of assessing the basic skills, pedagogical, and content-area knowledge of Minnesota K–12 teacher candidates. All candidates for an initial license will be required to pass the MTLE basic skills test as well as pedagogy and content-area tests. If you are already licensed and adding another license, you only have to take the content knowledge test in the new licensure field.