Highlights, Special Features and Opportunities

Join a number of political clubs including Augie Democrats, College Republicans and the department’s own Committee of Undergraduate Political Scientists (C.O.U.P.S.).

The Government and International Affairs (Political Science) major holds various highlights, special features and opportunities for Augustana students.

  • The Honors Program is for students who accept academic challenges that go well beyond the requirements to graduate.
  • The Molly Malsam Excellence in Writing Award encourages students to write the best political science papers.
  • What’s more, our Augustana ranks among the top schools in the nation in the number of students who have received a prestigious Truman Scholarship, awarded to those who intend to pursue a career in the government or public service sectors.
  • C.O.U.P.S., the slightly mischievous acronym for the Committee of Undergraduate Political Scientists, is the Government Department’s student club.
  • The annual Department Banquet, where students and faculty enjoy good food and listen to great guest speakers.

Double Major

Government and international affairs students tend to stay busy as many of them are double majors. Business, education and communication studies are common second majors.