Mission Statement

The graduate degree program in the Education Department emulates the Circle of Courage philosophy focusing on belonging, mastery, generosity and independence. The program is designed to enhance an individual’s ability to create positive learning environments for learners by building classrooms and schools that promote belonging, mastery, generosity, and independence. To that end, the program provides in-depth knowledge and application of educational research to classroom practice.

The Integrative Studies component of the master’s degree program enables students to interface a liberal arts perspective with rigorous, professional education training.

Specific competencies for the students in the Master of Arts in Education are as follows:

  1. MA Program candidates plan and deliver meaningful and purposeful learning opportunities, including those which engage students in the use of technology.
  2. MA Program candidates establish positive, inclusive collaborative learning communities in classrooms and schools and prepare students and their learning communities for participation in a diverse, global society.
  3. MA Program candidates demonstrate different ways to elicit evidence of student learning and understanding.
  4. MA candidates are reflective, research-based collaborative educators.