Mission Statement

Graduate Commencement and Hooding Ceremony

Augustana University seeks to prepare graduates of the Master of Arts in Special Education program to become well-prepared teachers and leaders competent to support children and youth with disabilities in educational settings.

The program provides in-depth knowledge within both areas of specialization (K-12 Special Education and Early Childhood Special Education) as well as application of research to educational practice.

The core course studies component of the SPED master’s degree program enables students to interface a liberal arts perspective with rigorous, professional education training.

Overarching Program Goals
The M.A. program candidates will:

  • Assume the role of teacher-scholar
  • Exhibit strong communication skills-Including writing with a variety of purposes/audiences in mind
  • Demonstrate reflective, professional dispositions in both work and interactions

Master of Arts in Special Education Outcomes:

  • Apply legal and ethical standards related to the education of children and youth with disabilities
  • Use evidence-based, research-grounded interventions to the support learning and behavior of children and youth with disabilities
  • Develop and apply instructional practices based on knowledge of children and youth with disabilities, their families, communities, and curricular standards
  • Assess the development and learning of children and youth with disabilities, and use that information to direct and monitor the effectiveness of interventions
  • Develop skills for supporting collaboration with families, including skills needed to effectively collaborate with others to accomplish this
  • Analyze, synthesize, and apply research to inform professional practice
  • Demonstrate ability in scholarly writing