Augustana MBA FAQs

If you have questions about the new Augustana MBA program, please see the Q&A sections, below.



If I'm currently an Augustana University student, when should I apply?

Applications (4 +1 application; two-year application) will remain open until the cohort is filled. You should apply in the spring of your junior year. Only 18 students will be accepted into the first cohort. 

What do I need to submit as part of my application?

Applications (4 +1 application; two-year application) will include the completed online form, an official transcript, two recommendation letters and a typed essay sharing your academic interest, educational goals and plans for graduate study. Applicants for the 2-year MBA program must also include results from their GMAT. You can find more information on the Graduate Education page.

How quickly will I hear about my application?

Admission decisions for 4+1 MBA applications will be made on a rolling basis. If you have a question regarding the status of your application, contact Adam Heinitz, Director of Graduate Enrollment, at

Is there an application fee?

Yes, the fee is $60, however this fee is waived for students applying for the 4+1 program.

What if I didn't major in business or accounting?

The intent of the MBA is to embrace and enhance through the intentional design and delivery of both courses and experiences within the liberal arts education that are so central to Augustana’s mission. Students majoring in any subject area are welcome to take three pre-requisite classes on campus prior to applying for admission. 2-year students are also welcome to take pre-requisite classes on campus or transfer in equivalent courses. 

What are the pre-requisites for the MBA program?

Accounting, microeconomics and management information systems courses are required. ECON 121, ACCT 207 or 210 and COSC/BSAD 205. Learn more about the curriculum.

How long will it take me to complete the MBA degree program?

Both programs require 2 years. However, 2-year students who begin in Summer 2021  will attend classes year-round, and graduate in May of 2023. 

Why should I enroll in Augustana's MBA rather than another university?

Augustana’s MBA coursework reflects the rigor and relevance expected of a regionally respected university. This program is distinctive in that students are introduced to members of the Sioux Falls business community through the Leadership Academy early in the program. Student Fellows will work with their business Mentors to tackle real business problems in a consulting capacity. This experience, tied with course theory, will promote students’ career ambitions while also preparing more business leaders for Sioux Falls.

If I want to apply for the 2-year MBA when it opens in 2021, what do I need to gather?

First check with your employer. Is there financial support for you as an employee? You’ll also need an official college transcript. If your coursework hasn’t included an accounting, economics or a basic information systems course, you can take those classes at Augustana before entering the program. You’ll also need to take the GMAT. Our admissions committee utilizes your college GPA and your GMAT score to help determine your compatibility with the program.

What is the leadership academy?

The Leadership Academy’s mission is to foster reciprocal and sustainable relationships among corporate leaders, professors, alumni and current students. The intent is to provide an invaluable link between academic theories and on-the-job realities. The Leadership Academy is dedicated to curricular and experiential alignment, matching Student Fellows with Community mentors.

Why is an MBA with a leadership focus important?

We asked hundreds of undergraduates, AU alumni, organizational leaders and young business professionals about their career goals. Most reported they were motivated by the desire to gain the skills needed for leadership positions in both for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

Who will be teaching in the MBA program?

Current faculty are welcome to teach in the program, depending upon their specialty, and additional faculty will be hired over the next four years.

When will classes be scheduled?

Class scheduling is different for 4+1 students than for 2-year students. The senior year will include three courses taught in a traditional classroom format. The second year will include block scheduling (7 weeks per block) and hybrid delivery (a combination of face-to-face and an online learning management tool). For 2-year students, MBA classes will meet the needs, experiences and schedules of working adults. All courses will be delivered in a hybrid manner, which reflects time in the classroom with your peers and some work online via Augustana’s learning management system. During our intensive study with hundreds of Sioux Falls business community members and Augustana alumni, seventy percent (70%) reported hybrid course delivery was their preference over face-to-face only (14%) or online only (10%).

Are there any information events I can attend?

Currently, all on-campus events are cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19. Please check back for updates regarding informational sessions in the future.

How will financial aid work for me?

Students will be full-time, so their current financial aid packages will continue. For 4+1 students, they will pay undergraduate tuition rates until they reach 124 credits. They will then pay the graduate tuition rate for the 30 additional MBA credits. For 2-year students, options include applying employer-paid tuition benefits, financial aid or private pay. Contact the Office of Financial Aid with any questions.

Can I transfer my credits?

It is possible. Transfer credits would need to be evaluated by the Program Director and Director of Graduate Education through an official transcript reflecting earned credit toward a baccalaureate degree within the past seven years with a grade of B- or better. 

Why is an MBA a good career move for me?

According to Graduate Management Admission Council’s hiring trends report for 2018, employer demand for MBAs will increase in the coming year. Recruiters say the need for MBA-prepared personnel will increase by 7 percent. Nearly 80% of grads themselves rate of the value of their graduate management education as outstanding or excellent. MBA alumni who attended school full-time express the most agreement that their education increased their earnings power. (The median base salary among alumni is $115,000, with variation by job level and location.) The majority of business school alumni feel their graduate management education advanced their careers at a faster rate compared with peers who do not have a graduate management education.

Is the MBA program at Augustana University accredited?

All programs offered by Augustana University are accredited by the Higher Learning Council. New MBA programs cannot apply for specific accreditation of business curriculum until two years after the first cohort or class graduates.

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