J-Term Programs

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Study with Augustana faculty, take one of more than 20 courses through the Upper Midwest Association for Intercultural Education (UMAIE) or participate in an approved third-party provider program.  Make an appointment today with a study abroad advisor in the International Programs Office to discuss your options! 

Augustana Courses taught by Augustana Faculty

These J-Term 2018 courses are open ONLY to Augustana University students.

  • Dharma: Life and Religion and Music in Contemporary India — Dr. Sandra Looney and Dr. John Pennington
  • The Tropical Ecology of Guatemala & Belize — Dr. Craig Spencer and Dr. David O'Hara
  • Exploring Sport and Physical Activity in Norway — Dr. Sherry Barkley
  • From the Gulf Coast to the Florida Keys: Introduction to Marine Biology — Dr. Cecelia Miles and Dr. Lisa Baye
  • Potsdam Independent Study — Dr. Stephan Lhotzky
  • Special Education in Norway (SPED 280) — Dr. Matt Johnson
  • Leadership in Professional Nursing in Ecuador (Nursing 451) — Dr. Patricia Waltman
  • Leadership in Professional Nursing in Norway (Nursing 451) — Dr. Pam Schroeder
  • Music & Theater of Eastern Europe — Dr. Jayna Fitzsimmons & Dr. Jungho Kim
  • A Seat at the Table: The Socio-politics of Food Culture in Hawaii — Dr. Emily Wanless & Dr. Carolyn Ly 
  • The Anthropology of the Southwest — Dr. KC Carlson
  • Exploring the Influence of Culture in Ancient and Modern Greece — Dr. Muriel Larson & Dr. Olivia Lima
  • The Uncertain European Union: BREXIT and Life After the EU — Dr. Jason Harris   

UMAIE Courses taught by Augustana Faculty, January 2018

  • Arab & Jewish Influence in Spain & Morocco — Professor Sam Ogdie (SPAN)

**Additional UMAIE Courses available HERE (taught by Elmhurst, St. Ambrose, St. Thomas, St. Catherine's and Gustavus Adolphus)**

How to Apply

Applications for UMAIE and Augustana-only courses will open on March 1. The priority application deadline for UMAIE courses is April 15. The priority application deadline for Augustana-only courses is March 31. All applications received between March 1 and March 31 (Augustana-only) or March 1 and April 15 (UMAIE courses) will receive equal consideration for admission. Applications for any remaining spots following these individual program deadlines will be accepted on a rolling admission basis until October 1, 2017.

Search by program name on the Augustana StudioAbroad portal. Click Apply Now on the program description page to begin the application process.

While all UMAIE courses count for general elective credits (4 credit hours) toward the 124 credit hours needed for graduation, many of the options are pre-approved for general education/core curriculum credit and/or major elective credit at Augustana. Pre-approved credit is listed in the brochure listing on StudioAbroad.

For more information, please contact the International Programs Office (IPO) at 605.274.5050 or ipo@augie.edu.

Program Provider Options

Augustana's approved study abroad providers also offer J-Term programs. College students from all over the US apply to these programs, so participation can be a great way to meet students from your host country and peers from other US colleges and universities. Contact the International Programs Office if you're interested in learning more about any of these programs.