Studying Off Campus

In addition to the required semester abroad, the College offers numerous short-term courses abroad, led by Augustana faculty. View a list of the upcoming short-term, faculty-led courses that enable all students to consider studying abroad — regardless of a student's major requirements or extracurricular commitments.

Augustana has an extensive global network of partners that gives students an enriched variety of opportunities.

  • The Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs (HECUA) offers programs that examine development and community organization. Students live with families, do field work and learn in an integrated fashion. For example, the HECUA program in Norway explores Norwegian society, politics and art. Students live in the dorms with Norwegian and international students, participate in field projects that take them throughout Oslo, and travel to Sweden and Estonia for field-study.
  • The UMAIE consortium offers intercultural courses during the January Interim.
  • Study in Norway. As Augustana was founded by Norwegian immigrants, we offer connections with many modern contemporary programs, such as energy management and corporate social responsibility.
  • The College is part of a consortium that offers The Washington Semester, a one semester residential experience in Washington, D.C. The college owns a condominium for students enrolled in the semester. The experience features coursework, service learning, and a guaranteed internship with a prestigious organization.

2012-2013 Study Abroad Photos

Follow Augustana Vikings as they travel around the world during the 2012-2013 academic year!

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