Careers and Graduate Success

"Our linguistic and cultural myopia is losing us friends, business and respect in the world." J. William Fulbright

A World of Career Possibilities

In today's global market, the career opportunities for students who have acquired skills in one or more foreign languages are virtually limitless. In addition to preparing students for careers in primary and secondary teaching or for continued language study at the graduate level, knowledge of world languages and cultures is a strong asset and an increasingly essential skill in the following career fields:

Source: Barbara Labrosse, SUNY Oswego
Source: Barbara Labrosse, SUNY Oswego

Knowledge of a modern foreign language combined with a chosen field, moreover, will give students a significant competitive edge in the job market. Of equal importance are the many non-commercial benefits one gains by studying a foreign language and the culture, history and literature of another country. Many students major or minor in a foreign language strictly for the enjoyment of learning about a different culture and language, and for building international friendships.

Graduate Success

Our majors have been accepted to do graduate work at prestigious universities, such as: Boston University, Bowling Green State University, Harvard University, the Sorbonne (Paris, France), the University of Denver, the University of Indiana, the University of Minnesota, the University of Nebraska, the University of Wisconsin, the University of York, and Vanderbilt University. Most of those accepted were also awarded fellowships and/or teaching assistantships.