Welcome to German at Augustana U!

Augustana offers not only a German major and minor, but also unique opportunities to work and study in Germany, one of the most popular destinations of international students from around the globe.

Students are not a mere number at Augustana University!

Our German program focuses on individual students and contributes to their future success, both personally and professionally. And because our major and minor programs offer numerous unique opportunities to study in Germany, we suggest that you combine your German studies with another major.

Interested in business or computer science? Consider a German major as well and open up an international career involving one of the world’s leading economies at the technological forefront. Interested in art or music? Consider adding German--it can lead you to a career in Germany, long acknowledged a leader in the arts. How about the natural sciences? The Augustana German program will facilitate natural science opportunities in Germany, a global leader in technology and research in every field.

Whatever your primary field of interest, whatever your first major – our program will help you combine it with German and open up the German speaking world for you!

Top Reasons to Study German at Augustana

  • Classes of the highest academic quality with small groups to ensure individual attention.
  • Instruction by highly qualified professors with extensive experience in Germany.
  • Membership available in the national German honor society, including several study abroad scholarships; more.
  • A popular weekly conversation table which boosts student comprehension and speaking abilities.
  • A unique and extremely affordable January program in Potsdam, the German sister city of Sioux Falls; more.
  • A semester or full year program at the University of Potsdam, Augustana’s sister institution in Germany; more.
  • A post-graduate assistantship year at a number of secondary schools in Germany; more.

Catalogue: German courses

The Faculty

All classes in the German program are taught by experienced native/near native faculty. They’ll get to know you well in order to provide high quality language instruction as well as assist with academic advising while providing detailed information regarding the special features of our German program. These features distinguish us from programs available at any other institution.

Stephan Lhotzky is a native of Germany and Professor of German at Augustana. His background is in German history and literature, in particular of the19th century, as well as National Socialism and East Germany. His specific research includes the history of the German song. He is the translator of the German poet and singer Franz Josef Degenhardt and has recently published his translations in the book Franz Josef Degenhardt: German Songs/Deutsche Lieder.

Monica Lhotzky has widely taught in German secondary schools and at the University of Potsdam, Germany. At Augustana, she teaches introductory German language courses. She holds a law degree, and her research interests focus on comparative education. She also serves as the coordinator of the Augustana University Language Institute.