Recent Events

Mini-Workshop: On Saturday, Sept. 29, the Sioux Falls Area Math Teachers' Circle held a one-day workshop. Activities began at 8:30 with breakfast, followed by a problem session. Following lunch together, the afternoon continued with more mathematical adventures.

In August, twenty-three members of the Sioux Falls Area Math Teachers' Circle gathered for dinner and a mathematical challenge. The topic for the evening was Pascal's Triangle. The group explored patterns in Pascal's triangle and connections to the Binomial Theorem and combinatorics.

Our second meeting was held in May of 2012. SFAMTC members were treated to a special "end-of-year" dinner at the Ivy Room. In addition to the excellent food, we enjoyed collaborating on a pair of geometry problems:

1) If an n by m rectangle is drawn on a grid, through how many grid squares does a diagonal of the rectangle pass?

2) If a billiard ball is started at one corner of an m by n billiard table and banks off the edges of the table at a 45o angle as many times as necessary, which corner pocket will the ball fall into?

The Sioux Falls Area Math Teachers' Circle held its opening meeting in February of 2012. Attendance was healthy, in spite of the threat of severe weather. At our innaugural meeting we discussed two traditional problems.

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