Careers and Graduate Success in Mathematics

Careers for our graduates are quite varied because the practical knowledge and critical thinking skills developed through the mathematics major can be applied in unlimited ways. We have graduates who are teachers, actuaries, researchers, engineers, professors, and even pastors!

Our alumni have earned advanced degrees at Iowa State University, University of Houston, University of Minnesota, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, University of Wisconsin, University of Chicago, Minnesota State University-Mankato, University of Kansas.

Alumni include:

  • Joe B. '14, Graduate Student in Mathematics, North Dakota State University
  • Katie J. '14, support tech analyst at Temp Works Software
  • Luke B. '13, Graduate Student in Mathematics, University of South Dakota
  • Andrew D. '12, Commercial Banking Analyst, U.S. Bank
  • Kaleb S. '12, Graduate Student in Economics, University of Minnesota
  • Michael R. '11, Medical Student, Sanford School of Medicine at University of South Dakota
  • Nicole W. '11, Actuary, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida
  • Peder T. '10, Graduate Student in Mathematics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Lucas K. '07, Assistant Professor at Carroll College in Montana
  • Kira C. ’04, Math Teacher, Sioux Falls School District
  • Aaraon M. '03, Engineering Center Supervisor, North Dakota Department of Transportation
  • Jonathon R. '98, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, University of Minnesota
  • Peter K. '96, Director of Applications Development, Hy-Vee Corporate Headquarters
  • Royce K. ’94, Director Science and Research, PROS Revenue Management
  • Dave E. ’92, Senior Systems Analyst, Great River Energy