Augie Awards and Scholarships for Foreign Language Students

Augie Green

AATF Outstanding Senior in French Award

The American Association of Teachers of French (AATF) recognizes one graduating senior who has demonstrated excellence in the study of French as well as exceptional commitment to the French language and the many cultures where it is spoken. A recipient at Augustana University must: be a French major, a non-native speaker of French, have acheived a minimum 3.4 GPA in French, and have completed an Honor's Thesis with a minimum grade of A-. MDFL recipients include:

  • 2016—Megan Gades
  • 2015—Madeline Nykamp
  • 2014—Laura Bane
  • 2013—Kelly Silvers
  • 2012—Meredith Reynolds
  • 2011—Jorgen Lervick
  • 2010—Chris Johnson
  • 2009—Linnea Thunselle
  • 2008—Andrew Kightlinger
  • 2007—Amanda Robson
  • 2006—Allison Girtz

Gerhard and Marilyn Schmutterer Award

An annual award for a student studying in the Dept. of Modern Foreign Languages, this scholarship, established in 2001, is in honor of Dr. Gerhard Scmhutterer—who taught German, Geography and World History at Augustana University from 1953-1985—and his wife Marilyn. Recipients include:

  • 2013—Jordan Erkens & Jeffrey Nielsen
  • 2012—Jordan Erkens & Evan Livermore
  • 2011—Valerie Scott
  • 2010—Stefan Szwarc
  • 2009—Michael Swanson
  • 2008—Clara Fischer
  • 2007—Susanna Hohm
  • 2006—Susan Dorris
  • 2005—Marshall Goodge
  • 2004—Jade Nelson
  • 2003—Timothy Sestak
  • 2002—Amanda Fenolio
  • 2001—Lindsey Hibma

Ruth Sorlie Stenseth Memorial Award

An annual award for a German major, this award was established in 1969 in honor of Ruth Sorlie Stenseth who taught German at Augustana University until her death in 1964. Recipients include:

  • 2012—Marissa Knaak
  • 2010—Mikal Dickey
  • 2008—Hannah Drexler
  • 2006—Susanna Holm
  • 2004—Matthew Pierce
  • 2001—Miranda Gasow
  • 1996—Katrina Gordon
  • 1994—Krista Olivier
  • 1992—Andrew Grayot
  • 1990—Mark Viste
  • 1989—Claudia Behr

H. M. Pat Blegen Memorial Scholarship

Established in 1981, this award was given to a language major or minor, preferably in Norwegian. The award was given in memory of Dr. H. M. Blegen who served as Professor of French and Spanish at Augustana University from 1927 until his retirement in 1965 and thereafter as the college archivist until his death in 1980. The Scholarship is currently inactive. Recipients include:

  • 1998—Chad Wolbrink
  • 1997—Crystal Foster
  • 1996—Lisa Genrich
  • 1991—Astrid Billat
  • 1990—Connie Wright

Samuel Delman Scholarship

Established in 1981, this award was, until 1999, awarded to a student majoring in foreign languages. Recipients include:

  • 1999—Whitney Sutherland
  • 1998—Rachel Lindquist
  • 1997—Christine Barrow
  • 1996—Jeremy Borger
  • 1995—Michael Powers
  • 1994—Paul VonFischer
  • 1993—Paul VonFischer
  • 1992—Bradley Souter
  • 1991—Korine Land
  • 1990—Susan Fedde
  • 1989—Heidi Mann