Chile: Land of Contrasts

To many Americans, Latin America is a mysterious and unfamiliar land. Where would one begin to uncover these mysteries? An excellent choice is Chile. Chile is very representative of Latin ethnic diversity, economic stability and political history; it also offers a relatively safe and unique educational experience for student travelers. This course focuses on Chile as a land of contrasts. By exploring the historical, political, economic, cultural, and geographic diversity of Chile, students will gain an appreciation for Chile as a modern Latin American country and the role Chile plays the broader South American region.

The course, lead occasionally by Professor Sam Ogdie, provides an overview of the cultural, political, and economic realities of Chile’s history and the impact on the current state. In doing so, students will study Chile’s indigenous populations and wide cultural (and artistic) diversity. Students will review the 250 years of Spanish domination and engage in a focused study of modern Chilean politics from the rule of with Salvador Allende in 1970 to the present day. Finally, students will explore how the economies of the three main regions of Chile (North, Central and South) are linked to their geographical and cultural contrasts. Eight of the fifteen administrative regions, each unique, will be included in our journey.

The course is conducted in English and Spanish. Recommended course prerequisites include: SPAN 111. This course also fulfills area 3.6 of the Gen. Ed.

Student Comments from 2011

"I take away from [this experience] new perspectives and a greater appreciation for other cultures. Thank you so much for the wonderful experiences while traveling abroad."

"This J-term was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I'm glad you talked me into it!"

"Thanks for making my first study abroad trip unforgettable. You made the trip a blast! Chile is such an amazing country and I am so glad I had this opportunity."

"I cannot begin to thank you for this experience and everything it has taught me. I've grown not only as a student and a Spanish speaker, but I've grown as a person just by being immersed in such an amazing culture."

"Although I thought I had a good grasp of the events that have shaped Latin America, I learned so much by being there. The places that you took us to held the most amazing scenery that I've ever witnessed."

Photos from 2011

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