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Modern psychology focuses on the scientific study of human behavior and mental processes. It investigates questions such as, “Why do people behave, feel, think, and interact the way they do? How are we affected by our environment? How do we affect other people?” — and many more!

The Department of Psychology introduces students to the methods and findings of psychological research, while providing the experiential development of intuitive, reflective clinical skills. In class, you will explore the applications of psychological theories and findings. Our psychology majors learn how to better understand and help people, and they gain valuable research skills.

A psychology major can lead to many different career opportunities. Your academic advisor will help you choose the specific courses that meet your needs. If you intend to pursue a career specific to psychology such as counseling or research, you should take up to 43 credit hours in psychology. If you wish to attend graduate school, you should talk to your advisor about ways to prepare, and become involved in research projects with department faculty.

What Sets Augustana's Psychology Department Apart

Integration. The scientific methods of modern psychology are not the only means by which we gain understanding of human beings. We encourage our students to integrate their learning across disciplines — from biology to sociology to philosophy — to provide important insights and engage in different levels of analysis.

Faith. Our students have opportunities to consider how modern psychology relates to traditional Christianity, and find support while examining how psychology informs faith, and how faith informs psychology.

Mentoring. Our students find small class sizes and caring, available faculty. Individualized advising for all our majors helps them clarify and achieve their goals.

We encourage you to integrate your learning in our department with other disciplines. Psychology is also an excellent choice as a second major; good complements include business, education, law, ministry, and health services — to name just a few. Read more about our learning environment.

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Olivia Lima, Chair
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