Hands-On Learning

Dr. O'Hara interacts with students in The Huddle

For the Love of Wisdom — Dr. David O’Hara, an associate professor of philosophy helps students discover their capacity to ask tough questions. And, how to uncover the answers for themselves.

In small classes like “Story and Theology” and “Hope and the Future,” students wrestle with sacred texts and their interpretations through discussion and debates that often spill all the way into their residence halls. Just as thought-provoking are “Reason, Faith, and the Search for Meaning,” “Judaism, Islam, and the Christian Faith," and “Religion and American Culture.”

Our faculty members are eager to collaborate with students on research papers. Dr. Ann Pederson has provided students with the chance to present their work at national conferences, and recent student papers have been titled “Between Buffy and Jesus: A Question of Salvation,” and “God and Gothic.”

We also encourage additional studies in other departments, where the critical thinking skills you develop in our department help you excel.

More about how we apply your studies to the outside world.