Dr. Susan Schrader

Dr. Susan L. Schrader
Professor & Division Chair

Dr. Schrader teaches the department's courses in Gerontology, Family, Medical Sociology, and Social Science Research Methods. With an extensive background in healthcare organizations, she has been very effective in arranging internships for students interested in social service and health-related occupations. In addition to teaching at Augustana, Dr. Schrader chairs the statewide coalition on end of life (LifeCircle South Dakota), and provides leadership for the Interdisciplinary Palliative Care Seminar at the Sanford School of Medicine at The University of South Dakota. Dr. Schrader is actively involved in research and publication, including a statewide survey of South Dakotans' end of life preferences and qualitative studies about centenarians and people without grandchildren. She is the coordinator of Augustana's aging studies minor. Dr. Schrader earned her Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Minnesota and is a member of the Augustana chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta (International Sociology Honor Society).

William Swart

Dr. William J. Swart
Professor, Department Chair, and Director, Civitas University Honors Program

Dr. Swart’s on campus teaching includes courses in Ethnicity, Native American Studies, Sociological Theory, and Deviance and Criminology. He has also taught a wide range of global education courses in countries that include Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Germany, Australia and Spain.  He is currently director of Augustana’s Civitas Program, a university honors program that invites a select group of students to focus their university experience in exploration of local, national and global citizenship.  The central “theme” in Dr. Swart’s research considers the broad influence of globalization on local politics, economics, and identities. His current research applies Critical Theory to the “filterbubble effect” and personalization trends among the mainstream media.  His recent book, NASCAR, Sturgis, and the New Economy of Spectacle (2017 Brill) explores the economic structure of motorsports spectatorship as a microcosm of a more general economy of spectatorship in late capitalism.  His other research explores the role of globalization in Irish national identity and the influence of the European Union on European food politics, Dr. Swart earned his master’s degree in sociology from Marquette University and his Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Kansas. Dr. Swart is a member of the Augustana chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta (International Sociology Honor Society).

Susan Claussen Bunger

Susan Claussen Bunger

Ms. Bunger teaches Contemporary Sociology and Native American Studies. Other courses she has taught at Augustana include Sociology of Family and Social Inequality. Her interests and areas of study include social stratification, power in society, and cultural diversity. She received her bachelor's degree with an emphasis in sociology from Augustana and her master's degree in sociology from South Dakota State University. She is a member of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, Gamma Sigma Delta Honor Society, and Augustana chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta (the International Sociology Honor Society).

Carolyn LyDr. Carolyn M. Ly-Donovan
Assistant Professor

Dr. Ly-Donovan offers courses in social stratification and inequality, medical sociology, organizations and workplace culture, gender, contemporary society, and topics in cultural sociology. She earned her Ph.D. from Yale University and her B.A. (summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa) from Hunter College, City University of New York. Before joining Augustana, she taught courses at Yale and Southern Connecticut State University. Dr. Ly-Donovan is broadly interested in examining social mechanisms of inequality. Her research often focuses on examining the role of meaning within organizations or various places. Current projects include an examination of the cultural and organizational workplace processes of American municipal firefighters and the organizational development of the South Dakota State Medical Association and its role in institutionalizing health care in the state. She has published work on the functional and symbolic role of neighborhood libraries. Dr. Ly-Donovan is a qualitative Sociologist primarily engaging in ethnographic, interview, and historical methods. She is a member of the Augustana chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta (the International Sociology Honor Society), and she is a Faculty Fellow of The Yale Center for Cultural Sociology.