Studying Off Campus

Augustana students study in India

Augustana College offers a number of off-campus study programs that will not only expand your horizon as a student, but also dovetail quite well into a sociology major. Off-campus study opportunities include:

Sociology Practicum
The Sociology faculty strongly encourage sociology majors to participate in a practicum or internship, typically during your junior or senior year. Internships not only allow you to gain practical experience in your expected career field, but also provide opportunities to explore how sociological theories and methods of analysis apply in real-world career experiences. Students have interested with organizations such as:

Sociology internships are a great way to see firsthand how your class room learning applies in career settings!

Study Abroad

About 40% of Augustana graduates study abroad during their four years at Augustana College. Although you may not have considered it, the sociology faculty encourage all students to think seriously about spending an interim or semester studying in a foreign country. There are a host of short-term and semester long opportunities for international study at Augustana — whether through the Upper-Midwest Association for Inter-Cultural Education (UMAIE), the Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs (HECUA), or through the Augustana International Programs.

The Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs (HECUA)
HECUA is an urban studies program that gives Augustana students opportunities to study social justice and social policy in Minneapolis/St. Paul, as well as international locations including Northern Ireland, Scandinavia, Ecuador, and Eastern Europe. Because Augustana is a HECUA partner, your Augustana tuition will transfer directly to HECUA programs.

Washington Semester
Augustana students can also participation in a semester of education in our nation’s capital as part of the Lutheran College Washington Semester.

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