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Apartment Drawing Opt-In Form

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Augustana offers A variety of apartment locations.  Please rank your preference for each location (1 being highest).
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Please tell us your preference number of roommates and roommate options (1 being highest).
If you are interested in a 2- 4 person apartment, please list the name(s) of your roommate(s) above with their Augie e-mail.

Off-Campus Housing Request Form

Please select the reason for your application, and complete the remainder of the form accordingly.
Additional Information: Living with Parent or Guardian If you selected to live off-campus with a parent or guardian, please provide the information requested below.  Upon submission of this form, we will send a confirmation letter to you and your parent or guardian.  Once that confirmation letter is completed, signed, and returned to our office you will be approved.
Additional Information: Exemption for Personal Circumstances If you believe your personal circumstances justify an exemption (waiver) from the residency requirement, please provide that justification below.