Augustana College
Summer Financial Aid Application

Please submit this form by April 15th. If applying for summer employment only, complete the Summer Employment Application. You can skip this form.

In addition to any Federal Pell Grant for which I am eligible, I am interested in applying for a student loan. In order to be eligible I understand:

  • The results of my 2013-14 FAFSA must be on file in the Financial Aid Office.
  • I must be enrolled at least half-time (6 credits) for Federal Loan eligibility.
  • If I am awarded a Direct  Loan, I will need to sign a Summer Award Letter, and have completed a Direct Loan Promissory Note and Direct Loan Entrance Counseling.
  • The completion of this form does not register me for classes. If I have not yet registered I must do so before financial aid is awarded.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Registrar’s definition of a “full-time student” is different than the definition of that term used by the Financial Aid Office. In order to be considered “full-time” for financial aid purposes, you must be enrolled for 12 credits during the summer term(s). Half time for financial aid purposes is 6 credits.

Summer Enrollment Plans
I plan to enroll in the following courses for summer:

Including your name below serves as an electronic signature.

Helpful Summer Financial Aid Q & A

Q. Are student loans and grants available for summer classes?
A. Federal loans and Federal Pell Grants are available for summer school. Summer term is considered a “trailer” to the academic year, so students are generally limited to any remaining eligibility not used during the regular school year. NOTE: A student who is otherwise eligible must be enrolled in a degree program at Augustana in order to access financial aid for summer.

Q. How do I apply for financial aid to attend summer classes?
A. Complete this application. We must also have on file the results of your current year FAFSA. Loan and grant eligibility is based on your current data. Students who apply for summer financial aid will have their eligibility determined for any available grants and/or loans.

Q. What is the deadline to apply for summer financial aid?
A. April 15 is the priority deadline for summer aid applications. Complete applications which are received by that date will be processed first.  Applications not meeting the priority deadline will be reviewed after that time. We hope to respond to all requests meeting the priority date no later than the first week of May.