Haugo Memorial Scholarship Application

The Haugo Memorial Scholarship at Augustana University


Since their inception in 1988, the Haugo Memorial Scholarships have provided thousands of dollars of support for more than two hundred Augustana students.

Benefactors Erling and Clara Haugo were lifetime residents of the Sioux Falls area. Mr. Haugo founded Valley National Banks in southeast South Dakota and was known as an innovative and astute businessman. Clara and several other Haugo family members were graduates of Augustana. The Haugo family home was on the south edge of the Augustana campus, which allowed both Erling and Clara the opportunity to watch the campus grow and participate in the life of the university. Both of the Haugo’s were members of the Augustana Fellows and the Center for Western Studies. Mr. Haugo served on Augustana’s Board of Regents. Mrs. Haugo passed away in 1996. Mr. Haugo died in 1999 at the age of 100.

Upon making the gift leading toward the establishment of the Haugo Memorial Scholarships, Mr. Haugo said, “I have been so richly blessed, it gives me great pleasure to be able to make these gifts. Through these contributions I truly know it is a greater gift to give than to receive.”

The Haugo Memorial Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis by Augustana’s Faculty Scholarship and Awards Committee. Recipients will be selected on the basis of financial need, academic achievement, academic promise, and unique talents and gifts. Priority for selection of scholarship recipients will be given to students from the geographic areas of Minnehaha, Lincoln, Union, Turner and Clay counties in South Dakota; Rock County in Minnesota; and Lyon County in Iowa.

To apply for the Haugo Scholarship, please complete the application below

Applications are due by March 1, 2017

I hereby authorize scholarship committees of Augustana University to have access to my college files for purposes of determining my eligibility for scholarships. I understand that the University reserves the right to renew its scholarship commitment(s) from any college-funded award source. I understand that any scholarship awarded to me based on the application will be considered as a part of my total financial aid eligibility at Augustana University and that I must enroll as a full-time student for classes on campus.