Meet Alex Cassady, Class of 2018

Meet Alex Cassady, a sophomore from Ostego, Minnesota. She’s a double major in sign language interpreting and communication disorders.

Q. Why did you choose Augustana?

A. I knew Augie was the place for me the moment I stepped on campus. The people were friendly and the campus was just the right size. When I proceeded to apply for scholarships, I was pleasantly surprised with the affordable tuition. Attending the Dean’s Scholarship event validated not only my desire to attend Augustana but made it even more financially attractive

Q. Favorite class or professor so far?

A. My “English Literature” course has been my favorite thus far at Augie. This is not a common course that students would choose as a preference, but the delivery of the course made all of the difference. The professor, Beth Boyens, challenged me both academically and personally. The materials she selected allowed me to ponder the world as I know it, as well as how I want to know it in the future. This can be credited to the theme of her course, “Where have you been, where are you going?” This theme challenged me to find the future that I want for myself that embodies my values and goals.

Q. What is your favorite memory at Augustana, so far?

A. My favorite Augustana memory I’ve had was the volleyball showcase my freshman year. We played in a tournament at the Elmen Center that did not end until 1 a.m. There were six volleyball courts set up with fans all around. We were practically delirious by the end but that’s what made it such a fun time.

Q. What do you think makes Sioux Falls the ultimate college town?

A. One great aspect of the city is the close proximity to necessities and other fun activities. I can practically get anywhere I need to on my bike, which is super convenient.

Q. What are the top lessons you’ve learned here that you will take with you after you graduate?

A. In the short amount of time that I’ve been here, the number of lessons I have learned is nearly endless.

One of the most prominent things I have learned since I have attended Augie is the value of relationships. The relationships you have with the people around you and the community that you immerse yourself in, form the person that you are and will become.

Q. Please tell us about the research/internship/work/study abroad experiences you’ve had. How have they/are they preparing you for your future career and life in general?

A. My work study job at recreational services has been a place of great development for me. I have not only broadened my spectrum of skills with this job, but I have also grown as a leader. The mission statement of rec services is “attracting people, building leaders.” This work place exercises values that go far beyond the Elmen Center. The support that I have received and the relationships that I have formed through rec services are priceless. Developing and forming relationships has always been an important value in my life, and through the experiences I have had and lessons I have learned with rec services, this importance has only been reinforced. I am confident that I will continually exercise this value throughout my life.

Q. What are your current plans for the future? What sparked your interest and is leading you down this path?

A. As of right now, I plan to attend graduate school to become a certified speech language pathologist. I hope to use my ASL interpreting certification to support me through that. I then hope to work with kids to help with their speech or teach them American Sign Language.

Q. Any advice for future students?

A. My biggest piece of advice is to completely immerse yourself in college life. Stay on campus your first few weeks. Find a group on campus that interests you, and make a commitment to be involved. Take advantage of the time you have here, and you won’t regret it.