Meet Ben Konold, Class of 2018

Augustana University

Meet Ben Konold, class of 2018, from Owatonna, Minnesota. He’s a business administration major with an emphasis in management information systems and a minor in economics.

Q. What activities are you involved in on campus?

A. I’m involved in the Augustana Student Association (ASA) as a sophomore senator, The Augustana Choir, the Union Board of Governors (UBG) Coff eehouse committee, Advancement Ambassadors, and various intramural teams throughout the year.

Q. Why did you choose Augustana?

A. I chose Augustana for many reasons. I have a lot of extended family in Sioux Falls and both my parents and sisters attended Augustana. Most importantly, the exceptional education that continues to challenge me. The Dean’s Scholarship event definitely influenced my decision to attend Augustana, but the final selling point was actually the Pro Musica Scholarship that I received for voice.

Q. Favorite class/professor?

A. Currently, my favorite class is “Accounting 210” with Dr. Laura Hybertson. I have always been good at managing my own money, and it’s interesting to learn about the types of financial transactions that a business makes. In addition, I appreciate Dr. Hybertson’s teaching style in how she takes advantage of every minute of class time.

Q. If you can reflect on your freshman year, what were the most important things you learned about yourself?

A. Freshman year is new territory. I had to remind myself that it was a new experience for everyone, and I was doing just fine. During my first year I explored many different majors, and ruled out many as well. I learned that naps were nice in the afternoon, but could be avoided with enough sleep the night before. I learned that you are best off to prepare at least a week in advance before a test to avoid the added stress that can result from a night of cramming, and I also worked on treating my day like a 9-5 job, so that my evenings could involve less homework.

Q. What is your favorite memory at Augustana, so far?
My fondest Augustana memory so far has been the Christmas Vespers concert series last year. The music made by every group was enjoyed by many — each Vespers service was heavily attended — and it was a great end to my first semester. I look forward to participating in it again this year.

Q. What are the top one, two, or three skills/values/lessons you’ve learned here that you will take with you after you graduate?

A. First and foremost, engage in every minute of class time. This is where questions are answered, and where little bits of wisdom are shared by the many inspiring professors that Augustana selectively employs. Secondly, take a deep breath, and don’t get overwhelmed by what others are doing; be yourself, and blaze your own unique trail toward what you are passionate about.

Lastly, seek out positive relationships with other students, or professors that will build you up, encourage you to do your best, and root for you through your successes.

Q. What are you looking forward to this year?

A. I’m looking forward to more classes geared towards my major, and what impact I can make through being a student leader for ASA. I want to continue to add value to every student’s Augustana experience.

Q. Do you have any advice for prospective students?

A. Take some risks. Maybe grow out your hair for a change — I did. Do something that maybe puts you out of your comfort zone. Above all, give your first year your best effort and don’t be afraid of the unknown.