Meet Katie Rivers, Class of 2018

Meet Katie Rivers, class of 2018, an elementary education major from Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Q. Tell us about the different activities you’re involved in on campus.

A. There are so many different activities and clubs on campus and I love getting involved with many of them! I am involved with Outreach Ministries, Union Board of Governors, SKOL, Phoneathon, and last year I was the president of my freshman dorm through the Residential Housing Association. This year, I’m a morale captain for Augiethon (formerly known as Dance Marathon) and I was a Viking Guide for Welcome Week. One of my favorite things to do on campus is going to Late Night Events run by Rec Services or going to a UBG event.

Q. Why did you choose Augustana?

A. When I was looking at schools, it was really important to me to go to a school that had a strong community and allowed me to build personal relationships with my professors and know a majority of my peers. When I toured Augie, met with professors, and spoke with students, I saw how personal everyone was, I knew that Augie was the right fit. I love that I know my professors and have the ability to pop my head into their offices or that I know a fair amount of my peers through classes or activities. The Dean’s Scholarship Event definitely helped me make my decision. It was another chance for me to see Augie in a different light as I got to talk to current students and professors as well as a great opportunity to meet my future classmates.

Q. Reflecting on your freshman year, what were the most important things you learned about yourself?

A. Freshman year taught me a lot about myself as I experienced numerous obstacles. From being away from home, trying to figure out a major, and adjusting to college life overall, it was extremely overwhelming. What I learned, however, is that I refuse to give up and continue to persevere.

There were a few moments when I was in over my head in a couple of classes or realized that I could not juggle all of my activities the way I wanted to, but I continued to keep working and would remind myself that it would all pay off in the end. I had a lot of support from professors and new friends.

Q. Favorite class or professor so far?

A. There are so many wonderful professors at Augie, but it would have to be a toss-up between Dr. Tim Sorenson (mathematics) and Dr. Richard Swanson (religion). I was fortunate enough to have them fall semester of my freshman year.  They were both supportive and encouraging as I adjusted to college and tried to figure out what I wanted to study. They both pushed me to be successful and knew that I was capable of so much. Their classes are challenging, engaging, but also extremely rewarding as they invite students to approach their subjects with a diverse mindset and embrace the obstacles ahead.

Q. Favorite Augie memory so far?

A. A groups of friends and I converted one of the dayrooms in Solberg Hall into our own movie theater. We did this almost every Saturday night last semester, and we put a sheet up on the wall, brought in a projector and speakers, and added extra couches! It was always a blast to watch different movies and have our own private theater in the luxury of our own residence hall!

Q. What are the top one, two, or three skills/values/lessons you’ve learned here that you will take with you after you graduate?

A. Augie pushes us to be successful.The courses offered are challenging and the expectations are high, but it is known that we will exceed them. We are taught to welcome challenges and never admit defeat because we know how capable we are of achieving so much more.

The determination and encouragement to use our strengths to our advantage is something that I will keep with me for the rest of my life.

Q. Any advice for future students?

A. Check Augie out! You get a different feeling when you have a chance to walk around campus and talk with students or look at different programs in person. Also, I would encourage them to meet with a professor as another chance to get to see what Augie has to offer. All of the professors here are absolutely wonderful, so take advantage and meet one!