ELS Language Center

ELS Language Center at Augustana University

The Augustana ELS Language Center offers a new partnership with ELS Educational Services, a global initiative providing English language programs and university placement for students from 175 countries around the world.

The Augustana ELS Language Center also serves the needs of English language learners in Sioux Falls and region-wide who want to further their English language skills. ELS also provides executive short-term programs in partnership with local and regional companies and organizations.

Augustana's ELS Language Center currently offers courses in:

العربية – Arabic

한국어 – Korean

中文 – Chinese

Español – Spanish

Português - Portuguese

The two types of English language programs:

  1. Intensive English for Academic Purposes program (thirty, 50-minute lessons per week, for 4 weeks)
  2. Semi-Intensive English program (twenty, 50-minute lessons per week, for 4 weeks)

All programs offer:

  • 12 levels of instruction from Beginner to Master
  • Four-week course length per level
  • Small classes
  • Expert teachers

Augustana University waives TOEFL requirement for academically qualified students who complete Level 112 of the English for Academic Purposes program at ELS Language Centers. Additionally, Augustana’s ELS Language Center will offer qualified students conditional admission to Augustana University, with full admission being offered after successful completion of ELS English for Academic Purposes Level 112.


"We are pleased to announce this new partnership with ELS Educational Services, one of the largest and most successful providers of intensive English language programs in the country," said Donn Grinager, director of Augustana's International Programs Office. "Augustana will take full advantage of ELS’s worldwide network to strengthen our relationship with students, parents, schools and universities around the globe.