At Augustana, we believe that certain individuals are made to "Go Viking."  They are talented, driven, and know they must explore and discover bold ideas and important concepts in order to create an even better future for themselves, our communities, and our world.  Click on the videos below to view international students and others who chose to "Go Viking" at Augustana.  We also invite you to browse our video tours of campus and Augustana's YouTube and Vimeo channels.


A Home Away from Home.  International Students from nearly 40 countries comprise roughly 8 percent of Augustana's highly intelligent yet down-to-earth student body.  From great professors, wonderful friendships, and an incredibly active campus life, international students describe what they like best about the dynamic, diverse Augustana community.  Many international students describe the Augustana's close-knit community as a family - a home away from home.


Unique Advantages.  Ben Iverson, Director of International Admission & Advising, describes the myriad advantages that the Augustana experience presents for international students.  Small class sizes, friendly professors, and the academic quality of a rigorous, highly-ranked private college combined with Augustana's comparatively low costs in comparison to similar institutions in more expensive cities creates excellent value for international students. - exceptional quality at an affordable price.


Diverse Perspectives.  Mónica and Alejandro, both government and international affairs majors from Latin America, describe how the diverse perspectives and backgrounds of students and professors at Augustana have shaped their academic and social experiences in an amazing way.




A liberal arts experience.  Michael, a 2013 graduate from Norway with majors in history and international studies and a minor in philosophy, explains the benefits of the liberal arts curriculum - a philosophy of education that encourages students to develop themselves into well-rounded professionals who are adaptable and able to make connections between (at first) seemingly disparate academic discplines.  At Augustana, faculty-mentors guide students through the flexible curriculum to help each individual student get the most out of his or her education.



A Welcoming International Community.  Jackie Adelmann, a business administration and Spanish double major from Minnesota, USA, chronicles the Augustana International Club's (AIC) activities on campus, from International Education Week, Culture Fest, pot-luck dinners, and a weekly Rendezvous program (cultural presentations) to fostering friendships between international and American students.  AIC and Augustana's International Programs Office (IPO) staff work together to provide exceptional support services for international students at Augustana including academic advising, free airport pickup service, an ACE Ambassador program, multiple excursions to historical and cultural sites in the United States, and more.



A Supportive and Safe Campus.  Linh, a business administration major from Vietnam, and Leo, a business administration and economics double major also from Vietnam, describe the supportive and safe environment for international students at Augustana.  A combination of welcoming faculty members, a great city in Sioux Falls (one of the safest small cities in the United States) as well as the International Programs Office's support services, the Augustana International Club, and the American students (many of whom study abroad) are very open to friendships with international students - all of these things create the perfect setting for international students to reach their full potential in the United States.



A true American experience.   Jennie, an art major from Hong Kong, George, a computer science major from China, and Nan, a nursing major also from China, recount their immersive adventure in American culture and the English language at Augustana.  The Midwest is known for its friendly people but also for being slightly less diverse than larger coastal cities in the United States.  Situated between an iconic big city in Minneapolis and the rugged landscape of the Black Hills - the start of the Old West - true immersion in the life and culture of the "real America" can be experienced at Augustana and in Sioux Falls.



Augustana 365: The First-Year Experience.  As a community, Augustana students and staff embark on a voyage of growth and development. Socially, academically, publicly, and privately, we are called to expand our horizons, set sail on a future and Voyage forward. Follow Morgan and Josh as they venture through their first-year experience and find out what it means to Go Viking!