Transfer Student Frequently Asked Questions

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When do classes begin?

Classes for the Fall 2020 semester are scheduled to start on Wednesday, September 2nd.  Students living on campus will be able to  move in to their new residence on Sunday, August 30th.  

Refer to the academic calendar page for future start dates.

Who is my advisor? What if I need to change my schedule?
All undergraduate full-time students are assigned an advisor in their major area of specialization. Undeclared new undergraduate students are assigned to a faculty mentor for advising until another advisor is identified. Whenever you decide to change your major, it is necessary to choose a new advisor. The form for changing majors is provided by the Success Center, available on the Registrar’s office list of online forms. If you don’t have a specific advisor in mind, one will be assigned for you. The Augustana advising program provides students with guidance and consultation throughout their college careers. If you need to change your schedule during your first semester here, contact the registrar’s office. In subsequent semesters, you will contact your academic advisor prior to making schedule changes. See the academic advising web page for more information about advising services.

Can I order my books online?
Once you’ve registered for classes, you have the ability to order your books online through your portal ( The books required for your classes will be listed for you. If you order online, your books will be boxed up and waiting for you before classes begin. You are also welcome to stop by the bookstore on campus to purchase your books in person. For other information about the bookstore, including the hours of operation, visit


How will the University communicate with me?
Most of your correspondence with faculty and staff outside of personal contact will take place through your ole e-mail account. In addition, students are encouraged to have a campus mailbox. Those students who live on-campus will be assigned a mailbox number. Off-campus students are encouraged to stop by the mail room on the first floor of the Morrison Commons and open a mailbox as well. A mailbox is a great way to be informed about college activities and opportunities. If you have any questions regarding access to your email account, contact the Help Desk at 605.274.5331. 


Where can I park and how do I get a parking permit?
Parking permits are issued in the Campus Safety Office or through your student portal ( All students must register their vehicle with Campus Safety. More information about parking can be found at


What payment options are available?
Full payment for each academic session is due to the University by the start of that session. For pre-registered students, a statement of account detailing (1) classes for which you have registered, (2) your applicable charges for the semester, and (3) your anticipated financial aid will be mailed approximately four weeks prior to the start of each semester. In addition to full initial payment, there are two other payment options.

Option 1: Semester 3-Pay Payment Plan
A student may pay semester charges in three monthly payments by remitting one-third of the total student obligation (total charges less financial aid) at the start of the semester and paying the remainder in two equal payments the following two months. A finance charge of 1.25% per month is assessed on all balances carried forward.

Option 2: ACH Payment Plan
A student may pay annual charges with nine monthly debits to a checking/savings account for a service fee of $75. The plan runs September through May. No interest is charged on the total amount paid through ACH. Information and authorization forms may be obtained from the Business Office by calling 605.274.4109, or by visiting their website.

What happens if I need more financial aid than I initially anticipated?
If you need additional assistance regarding your financial aid, visit the Financial Aid Office in the Administration building or call 605.274.5216.

How do I find out about on-campus jobs?
The Financial Aid Office will assess your eligibility and assign you to an available work study position. If you are interested, visit their office in the Administration building or call 605.274.5216. If you are interested in working off campus, visit the Career Center, located in the Mortenson Center. Numerous resources are available to students including resume and interviewing workshops, individual resume assistance, on-campus interviews, personal job search planning and job fairs. For more information call 605.274.4127 or visit their website.


Augustana University offers a variety of dining options including full-service dining in the Ordal Dining Room and short order food and convenience store items in the Huddle.


Do I need to have another physical exam to enroll at Augustana?
The University does require all full-time students to have a physical examination on record at Student Health & Counseling Services (located on the ground level of Solberg Hall). Most transfer students will have had a recent physical exam on record with a previous college or university. Either request a copy of the physical exam form from that school or contact your personal physician and request that Augustana’s health form be completed and sent to Student Health & Counseling Services. 

Augustana requires that all full-time students provide documentation that they have received the MMR immunization and vaccine for meningitis as mandated by the South Dakota State Health Department.  For more information, visit

When is the Elmen Center open for my use (pool, gym, weight room)? 
Elmen Center hours are posted online.


Who lives on campus?
All transfer students are encouraged to consider living on-campus. The University is aware that transfer students have unique needs. Living in college-owned housing enhances opportunities to build relationships with faculty, staff, continuing students and fellow transfer students. Augustana has a two-year residency requirement for its students. That requirement is in place for two years after a student’s graduation from high school. If you graduated from high school in the spring of 2018 or after, it is assumed that you will live in campus housing. If you wish to petition that requirement, please contact the housing office. Information about living on-campus may be obtained by calling the Housing Office at 605.274.5215. 

Student ID

Where do I get my Student ID card?
Student ID cards are issued in the Campus Safety Office, located on the first floor of the Morrison Commons. Office hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. You must be registered for classes to receive a Student ID card.


How do I get my Augustana e-mail account?
Augustana e-mail accounts are assigned shortly after a student submits their enrollment deposit. Your e-mail address, along with your portal ( username and password will be sent to you in the mail. 


Where do I go to meet people? How do I get involved?
There are several opportunities to meet new people and form friendships with other students. First, consider joining one of the many student organizations on campus. Participating in these activities will help you meet people who share your interests, obtain leadership skills and build your resume.  Additionally, take advantage of transfer student orientation activities that take place at the beginning of the semester.  Augustana students and staff take great pride in our welcoming community and we look forward to meeting you soon.