Alexa Bruick '19: Where Are They Now?

Alexa Bruick ‘19

Major: Business Administration

Executive Team Lead, Target

Why did you choose Augustana University?

A: When I came to Augustana, I was originally planning on majoring in American Sign Language interpreting. Our program is phenomenal, and quickly attracted my attention. But in the end, I chose business administration as my path. The small campus size, along with the strong sense of community that I felt on my visits to campus made me realize that my college years would fly by as a Viking at Augustana.

What was your favorite class?

A: Small Business Management with Shelly Gardner. There were only eight of us in the class and we were in control of what we learned. We completed two different simulations that forced us to make key decisions that any business owner makes — hiring, pricing, marketing, ordering, and more. Although I knew it simplified the idea of owning my own business, it gave me a great glimpse of what life after graduation could look like.

Did you have a favorite professor?

A: Gosh, that’s a tough one! I absolutely loved all of my business professors. They each come from different areas of the business world and bring a wide variety of resources and knowledge to the classroom. They really are the ones who helped make my time at Augustana so enjoyable!

What’s your favorite memory during your years at AU?

A: Going to the first home football game of the year my freshman year and throwing all caution to the wind, forgetting my sunscreen. I had a blast at the game and enjoyed a half-burnt face for the next couple of days thanks to the glorious South Dakota sun!

Do you have a favorite learning experience?

A: The internship opportunity for business students gave me such a great chance to see what I like and dislike about business. Since a business degree can lead you in so many different directions, it was good to get my hands dirty with a couple of different companies to see what I liked best. The Student Success Center was instrumental in helping me find and secure the internships that I completed. They helped me prepare for my four interviews that occurred before I landed the Target internship that has now converted into my full-time job!

Now that you’ve graduated, what are you currently doing?

A: I am an executive team lead for Target in the Nebraska District. I have a specific store that’s ‘mine’, and I am loving what I do!