Future Vikings

Refer a Student

Do you have friends, family, fellow church members, or neighbors who might be interested in learning more about Augustana?

Here's your chance to help Augustana recruit them! Please fill out the form and a member of our admission staff will be sure to contact them.

If you like, you may also enter your personal details — we'll send you some brochures, notepaper, and envelopes so that you may personalize your message to the high school students you know.


Legacy Students

The Augustana Alumni Association's Legacy program is designed to educate future Vikings by providing age-specific gifts and events throughout their childhood. Our definition of a Legacy is any child between the ages of birth and 18 lucky enough to have one or even two parents or grandparents who are members of the Alumni Association.

Legacy Gifts

Babies and toddlers: Send us your baby announcement! We want to share the news of new Legacies. (Login required)

School age: Download and print an Ole the Viking and Augie Doggie coloring page for your Legacies.

School age: Sign your kids up for the Vikings Kids Club for exclusive benefits from Augustana Athletics. 

College age: Legacies enrolled at Augustana are eligible for a Legacy scholarship of $1,000 per year.

Legacy Events

We host Legacy events around the country. These include family movies on campus, picnics, trips to a zoo or museum or an outing to see the Vikings play. Find an event near you.

Legacies enrolled at Augustana get special recognition during Welcome Week and Family Weekend.


Benefits of the Legacy program are open to all alumni, but a Legacy's parent or grandparent must send us a class note (login required) or complete the family section of your Augielink profile (no login required) to receive full benefits.