Athletic Training Program (ATP)

Augustana University is in the process of transitioning its Athletic Training Program to a Master of Science in Athletic Training. All new students will be in this new program. Website is being updated to reflect these changes. For the most up to date information contact Program Director James Day at




Our athletic training program (ATP) provides students with an outstanding educational foundation to be successful within the athletic training profession. The athletic training students (ATS) of our program are an integral component of the sports medicine services we are able to deliver to the NCAA Division II athletes of Augustana University.

Diverse Clinical Education Program

Through our diverse clinical education program, ATS participate in supervised hands-on clinical experiences with our Clinical Preceptors (CPs) in the following settings

  • high schools
  • colleges
  • family practice and orthopedic/sport medicine clinics

Additional Clinical Experience Opportunities  

  • team physicians
  • chiropractic clinics
  • human performance programs
  • semi-professional teams

Board of Certification Examination/Employment Opportunities

Upon the successful completion of our ATP, students will:

Career Opportunities for Athletic Trainers (ATs)

  • sports medicine clinics
  • high schools
  • colleges and universities
  • human performance programs
  • industrial settings
  • professional sports teams                                

Athletic Trainers

Certified athletic trainers are highly qualified health care professionals who are educated and experienced in delivering health care services to physically active patients. Certified athletic trainers work closely with physicians and other allied health professionals on a daily basis. A certified athletic trainer's duties include:

  • providing risk management and injury prevention
  • assessment and evaluation
  • emergency and acute care
  • rehabilitation 
  • health care administration

Academic Preparation

Our athletic training program (ATP) is housed within the department of Exercise and Sport Sciences (ESS). Students are required to complete 60 academic credit hours within the ESS department in addition to meeting the general education requirements of the University. Our ATP curriculum is a three-year sequenced didactic (classroom) and clinical education program that is designed to ensure that our ATS have the knowledge and skills necessary to become successful within the athletic training profession.