Augustana PACT Guidelines

Guidelines for Participation in the Augustana University PACT Program

Please read the following guidelines and then complete the PACT agreement found by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

1. Joining the PACT Program

Congregations choose to enter into a pact with Augustana University on a voluntary basis. Augustana must be notified that the congregation has taken official action to participate in the PACT program through its appropriate decision-making process.

2. Source of Congregational Financial Support for PACT

Augustana expects that the funding for PACT will be part of the annual budget of the congregation or the result of funds budgeted or raised by a particular group within the congregation, such as youth, Women of the ELCA, Men in Mission, a special congregational offering or project, or a scholarship fund from bequests or memorials. Direct contributions to this program from the family members of participating students are considered by Augustana as not being in the spirit of the Parish and College Together matching program.

3. Annual Renewal of Congregational PACT Agreement Required

Congregations participating in the Augustana University PACT Program must renew their PACT Agreement and provide a list of eligible students and amounts of the congregational PACT Grants on an annual basis.

4. MARCH 15 — Requested date for Submitting PACT Agreement Form

PACT Agreements are requested by March 15th to be eligible for a one-to-one match not to exceed $500 per student for the academic year. Agreements received after March 15th but prior to July 1st will be eligible for a one-to-one match for the Spring Semester only, not to exceed $250. No Match will be available for Agreements received after July 1st.

5. Renewing Augustana Match for Continuing Students

To qualify for renewal of the Augustana matching PACT Grant continuing students must maintain a cumulative grade-point average of 2.50 or higher at the close of the spring semester each academic year. However, the congregation may renew its educational grant by applying its own standards for renewal.

6. Questions?

For further information, please contact Kelly Lang, Assistant Director of Financial Aid, Augustana University, Sioux Falls, SD 57197. Phone: 605.274.5216.

To complete the PACT Agreement, please click here.