Augustana Scholarships and Grants

The scholarship program at Augustana is made possible by the generous support from alumni, special friends of the University, corporations, and foundations. Through their dedication and generosity, students are realizing their dreams of a liberal arts education.

To be considered for scholarships at Augustana based on academic performance and/or talent requires a completed Application for Admission and Scholarship. Academic and talent scholarships are awarded only after an offer of admission has been made. In addition to the programs listed below, Augustana provides numerous academic and merit-based awards to qualified students. Students must be full-time and in good academic standing to maintain these scholarships during each year of study. Augustana University scholarships are awarded to assist with direct educational costs for tuition, fees, university-owned housing and board. For more information, view our policy.

The following scholarships are awarded to students based on their application for admission. No other application is necessary.

— Augustana Academic Scholarships

  • Available to: Awarded to new and continuing students on the basis of academic achievement.
  • Amount available: $10,000 to $20,000 per year, renewable
  • Application form: Application for Admission and Scholarships. First priority deadline, November 1.

Presidential Scholarship

— Alumni Legacy Award

  • Available to: Awarded to full-time, degree-seeking students whose parent, grandparent, sibling, or spouse earned a bachelor's or master's degree from Augustana.
  • Amount available: $1000 per year, renewable, beginning 2017-18
  • Application form: Verify your eligibility with the Office of Admission or Financial Aid.

— Family Tuition Grant

  • Available to: Full-time students who have an immediate family member enrolled full-time at Augustana.
  • Amount available: $500 per year when immediate family member enrolled full time
  • Application form: Verify your eligibility with the Office of Admission or Financial Aid.

— Augustana Transfer Scholarship

— Phi Theta Kappa Honor Scholarship

  • Available to: Incoming transfer students who are members of the Phi Theta Kappa honors program. 
  • Amount available: $2,000 per year, renewable
  • Application form: Application for Admission and Scholarships. Please indicate on your admission application that you are a member of the Phi Theta Kappa honors program at your current institution. 

— Augustana Grant

— Diversity Scholarship

  • Available to: Full-time domestic students of color.
  • Amount available: $1,000, renewable
  • Application form: Verify your eligibility with the Office of Admission or Financial Aid.

— Global Leaders Scholarship

The following scholarships have additional requirements beyond the application for admission. 

— Augustana Athletic Grant

  • Available to: Awarded to outstanding student-athletes; NCAA Division II, Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference.
  • Amount available: Varies
  • Application form: Contact the head coach. See athletics website for contact information.

— All-State Music Scholarship

  • Available to: Those earning All-State honors in their respective state.
  • Amount available: $3,000 per year, renewable
  • Application form: Complete the All-State Registration form.

— Performing & Visual Arts Scholarship

  • Available to: Based on performance or portfolio and potential as determined by application, audition, and/or interview.
  • Amount available: $1,000 to $5,000 per year, renewable
  • Application form: Complete the PVA Scholarship Application online. Must be accepted to the University by February 1; audition application due by February 1.

Distinguished Scholars Celebration

  • Available to: Awarded to superior students through participation in the Distinguished Scholars Celebration. Must possess a 27 ACT, 3.5 GPA
  • Amount available: Amounts range from $60,000 to full tuition, awarded over 4 years
  • Application form: Application for Admission and Scholarships completed and admitted by February 1. On campus interview required; limited to 225 candidates.

Y.T. Johnson Science Scholarship

Fryxell Scholarship

  • Available to: Awarded to freshmen interested in Humanities areas; preference given to English or journalism majors.
  • Amount available: $1,000 per year, renewable
  • Application form: Must be offered admission to the University by February 1. Fryxell application and Nomination Form should be returned to the Office of Admission by February 15.

— Hatterscheidt Scholarship

  • Available to: High School Seniors who are South Dakota residents who have at least a 3.0 GPA, and demonstrate financial need. See Guidelines.
  • Amount available: $2,000 per year, non-renewable
  • Application form: Hatterscheidt Scholarship Application and due by March 15. 

— Citibank Endowed Scholarship

  • Available to: Spouses and/or dependents of Citibank employees.
  • Amount available: Varies
  • Application form: Complete the application by March 1st.

— Horatio Alger Denny Sanford Scholarship

  • Available to: Current high school seniors who plan to enroll at Augustana. Must demonstrate financial need, be involved in community service activities, display integrity and perseverance in overcoming adversity, be a U.S. Citizen and have a 2.5 GPA. 
  • Amount available: 6 scholarships at $25,000 each. Scholarship awarded over 4 years
  • Application form: Complete the application between August 1 - October 25 or January 15 - March 15. Begin by creating a "New Applicant/Nouveau candidat" account. 

South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship

  • Available to: South Dakota residents with an ACT composite of 24 or higher and a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 who have met the SDOS curriculum requirements
  • Amount available: $6,500 over four years
  • Application form: Applications available from high school counselor. Recommended submission by June 1, final due date is September 1.

Dakota Corps Scholarship

  • Available to: Priority given to Dakota Corps recipients with an ACT composite of 27 or higher and a GPA of 3.5 or higher, who agree to work in a high-need field in SD upon graduation.
  • Amount available: Augustana scholarships and grants in combination with Dakota Corps Scholarship funds to equal full tuition 
  • Application form: Dakota Corps applications available from high school counselor and due February 1.

The following scholarship is available only for current Augustana students.

— Augustana Camp Scholarship

  • Available to: Continuing students who serve as camp counselors (and other camp related positions) in a Lutheran camp for at least six weeks during the summer.
  • Amount available: $500 per year of service
  • Application form:  We have switched to an Online Application Form. This form must be completed and submitted prior to the start of camp, after receiving a position. Augustana University will contact the Camp Director to certify employment.