Goal Setting

One of the most important tasks of the mentor is to assist the mentee in setting short-term goals (less than a year) and long-term goals (more than five years).

Purpose of Goal Setting

Setting goals helps people strive to achieve. Although goal setting may be challenging, it is worthwhile. The intention is to increase efficiency and effectiveness by specifying desired outcomes.

SMART Goal-Setting Model

The SMART guidelines can help set effective goals that will help in traveling the road to success.


A goal of graduating from college is too general. Specify how this will be accomplished, e.g. study more in order to receive better grades.


Establish criteria for how to achieve a goal. Measurable does not refer to a timeline; it means determining a way to measure your success in completing the long-range goal.


Be proactive in taking action that will result in reaching the desired goal.


Strive for attainable goals; consider the resources and constraints relative to the situation.


Allow reasonable time to complete each goal, but not so much time that you lose focus or motivation.

REMEMBER: The difference between a goal and a dream is a timeline!