Medical Appointment Transports

The Department of Campus Safety in cooperation with the Augustana College Student Health and Counseling Office will provide an escort to students who are ill and have a medical appointment off-campus. The medical appointment must be made through Student Health and Counseling. Officers will transport a student to the medical appointment and once the appointment is finished will return the student to campus.  Students needing transportation to a medical appointment must work with Student Health and Counseling and make the request to the Department of Campus Safety with sufficient notice for officers to respond.  Once the appointment is finished the student must call the Department of Campus Safety to arrange for a return to campus.  The Department of Campus Safety will not provide transport to an on-going regularly scheduled medical appointment.  

Officers will primarily transport students to the Sanford Clinic located at 69th St. and Minnesota Ave. In some cases officers will transport students to other medical appointments at other clinics or hospitals, as long as the appointment was made first with Student Health and Counseling, 605.274.5552.

Students should have a back-up plan in the event officers are busy with other situations on campus and not available to provide the medical appointment transport.

If you have questions about the medical transport or are in need of transport to a medical appointment, call the Department of Campus Safety at 605.274.4014.